Before Alice got to Wonderland, she had to fall pretty hard down a deep hole . . .

Hi all,

Theresa here!

I just realized that I hadn't posted in all of 2018!  I have done some sharing on my Instagram , and Pinterest to keep myself sane, but I truly miss my blogging.  Not going to beat myself up, life has knocked me down a bit, but I'll never give up on anything or anyone peacefully!  Not this girlie pants!

One of my greatest joys! 
All in all,  2018 was a rough year for my family, still is, and yes, there are good times and memories in there, but a lot of life changing situations too, that demanded my full attention.
I would be lying if I said it doesn't matter to me of my blog following, because I started this blog years ago, so excited to share in all the things that I love to do!  I found diy blogs and found my soul mates, my niche in life!

Then life happened . . .

I'm hoping to come back and share my diy project, my stories, my fails and my successes.
In short, my family and I are still in the midst of issues dealing with emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial struggles. These are things I know all of us get hit with.  I know it helps me get through these things with the support, love and example of others who have fought their battles and won, or at least get some relief along the way.

I want my blog to blossom to not only inspire and share in diy, decorating and cooking fun, but in real life things too - I live my life to my own crazy beat, and think I have something I can offer others, even if only by inspiration or a virtual hug!  Who knows, until you try, right?

So, I hope for now, you will follow along with me, share with me, and find something in this crazy mixed up world that we can bond over.  I will cry at times, laugh more, I hope, and at times be somber.  I'll admit, my coming back into blogging to let you all into my life is selfish too.  I tend to hide when life gets rough, too embarrassed, shamed, or just too beat down to care what's going on out there.  But it's time to change and put on my big girl panties, puff out my chest, and just be me.  Hope you like me, and will try not to worry if you don't!

Right now, my life is chaos, thus my house is too - Time to binge on organizing blogs and videos!  Yup, I"m gonna share my embarrassment of a chaotic house with you soon too!  YIKES!  (I'm sitting up, chest out, and head high, deep breaths),

More to come


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I'm baaaack !

Missed you . . .

I took a sabbatical from blogging for the last year or so, to regroup, ground myself, and take care of personal issues, and get myself and my family in a healthy, happy state of mind and being.
 I moved, got a new job, a promotion, family moved closer, some family moved farther, had a health scare, made some lifelong goals, and in all, life is good, and I'm baaack better than before!
I work on little projects all the time, and forget to take photos, or duh, me, remember that is what my blog is all about - sharing.  So the next few posts will be a possibly overload of all the things, big and small that I've been working on. It feels good to be back!

Here's some snapshots of things I'll elaborate later, just to wet your appetite!
Book bundles


Hot Wheels garage

Pirate Mast Headboard

Greeting card cuteness

Ugly dresser turned media cabinet

Repainted corner shelf

Button and lace pillow

Masking tape car track

Movie Organizing Ideas

More to come and details on each -

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Painted Lady

Had this hand made side table that is solid wood, but it is old and worn.
I wanted an antiqued, colored look and wanted to try several layers of paint, wash and distressing.
I think it turned out pretty nice

This is what I started with - yes, I know, it's oak, and I'm PAINTING it - sorry men!  lol

So I just was going for it, no particular plan, other than wanting to layer and get a dimensional look
First coat was to make a small batch of home made chalk paint with some oops paint I had.
(I did lightly sand first only to remove any shiny left over varnish, nothing major)
(don't ask what the hole in the middle is for, a family member hand crafted this and I think it was ideally for a lamp cord ?...)

First coat of chalk paint done

Just thought these "claw feet" were interesting - I've had this table for a year now, and never noticed the details - kinda freaked me out - literally a "claw, see the nail too?
onward I pressed . . . 

I  decided to try a dry brush layer with some opps white - then used a paper towel while still damp to blend and soften the brush strokes.

I continued this over the entire table and legs

This is what it looked like after the white dry brushed/wiped/blended

 I then started to play with different distressing ideas:
(most of my paint colors are all opps paints)

I mixed up a clear glaze with a brown paint and brushed and wiped off.
Then, did a light coat with a blackish tinted glaze I made up.
I use a small container, and a ratio of 3 parts glaze to 1 part paint.
I wipe and spread to desired intensity.

 Ignore my flip flop - I was being spontaneous!  :)

I forgot to take photos at each layer, but honestly, I was just trying to create some dimension and aging, so I don't think there really is a right or wrong.

I applied a coat of wax, buffed, and am going to work on the coffee table to match . . .
Maybe I'll add an image from Graphics fairy . . . For now, I think it looks pretty nice.

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$6 Entry Privacy


Yes, I thought of this by my own self!!

(sorry, photos are kind of lame)

Yes, you read that correctly,
I used some felt cut out table place mats I found at Target awhile back 
to give some privacy and style to this sidelight.

They were on clearance and only 3.
So I cut them to fit, making the cuts creative to look like a design.
I do still have some long strips left, that I may just put down the center of the lower window.

I simply cut tiny pieces of self stick velcro (the rough male side) and strategically stuck them behind a larger part of the placemat,
and viola'!
The felt sticks right to it, and it's removable and repositionable!

Here are some more ways to use Placemats

Arm protectors for a couch, Faux window blind;
Sew some together to create a table runner, a carpet runner, a hanging tapestry, a pillow, a scissor caddy, a rice bag, 
Oh the things we can do!!

Even more! 

A Cultivated Nest
Repurpose old placemats. They are a great resource for the budget decorator. You'll be amazed at the cute things you can make with placemats!

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Creating a Wardrobe Capsule

I've been sick for 2 weeks and have finals this week,
So, I'm still working on the closet!!
But I want to keep it real . . .
If I can conquor my shortcomings,
(Yeah, I have a few - hundred!)

Doesn't look like much to the untrained eye (Ha)
But seriously . . .

Uh Yeah!

I don't know about you, but I have this REALLY bad habit of starting to organize one part of the house
and it spills out all over!!

As I was cleaning out my closet, I also was organinzing my bedroom, which meant also my craft supplies (which I have to store in bedroom for now)
So, you will notice a very tall set of drawers on the far left of my closet!
Yup, those are my craft supplies - for now.

I move things around a few times a day to see how it feels. . .

So, I'll keep at it!

3 bags of clothing has already been donated!

How I finally dealt with my cluttered closet!
We all know what clutter does to our soul.
It's a nagging, and gloomy cloud to hoovers constantly.
I have said for years, I'll go through my clothes, and every so often I do.
But never really making a huge change.
Well, after reading these blogs:
I got completely on board and inspired!!!
I went online and searched for more help, and found great help.
Here are my before shots:

Sorting EVERYTHING that was in that closet!!!

I don't have it all done yet, but hopefully this next day or so, and I will be so excited to show you all.
Discard pile

Look, empty space!!

Please realize that for me, clutter in my life is an emotional symptom.
I know when my life or areas of it are in chaos, so is my home.
I had to set all projects aside, fun stuff, and even homework and took to the task over a weekend of being sick and taking breaks to finally get this accomplilshed. 
IT is a big deal for me and already I feel uplifted, relieved, and a ton off my shoulders!
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Media Center

Here it is!!
Easy to do and I show you step by step!

This dilapidated dresser has sat around my house, patio and garage for over a year.
Sorry for the poor photos, not sure what happened - they were taken a while ago with different camera. 

I FINALLY was ready to trash it as the drawers were in really bad shape, it's not well made, other than the frame, and my family said it was embarrassing!
Well, I don't have money to go and just buy what I really want . . . 
I decided to slap a coat of home made chalk paint on it!

It started looking SO pretty, that I decided it was worth it to fix the drawers that were fixable,
and use materials I already had to made shelves, and keep it.

My goal was that I was NOT going to have to spend any more money on it!

So with a little bit of TLC look how cute it is!!!

It's amazing how color can completely change the feel and look of something.

This piece felt gaudy, over-sized and just plain ugly
Now it is like a swan!!

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