High to Low - Bar Stool convert

Quite a while ago, I found this bar stool at Goodwill for $14! At the time I bought this, I didn't have a bar!  Yeah, I'm nutty that way!  I saw, I loved, I bought~! It was just too pretty to pass up.  They only had one, and I held onto it for over a year, letting my son us it as a video game chair, (the tv was wall mounted) and it worked great for that.
Then I moved into my little condo, which does have a bar, the the bar stool is one of the shorter ones, and I have yet to have a bar that low!? Ugh!

ACT II - Idea struck!!

As I was re-arranging my condo, and trying to create an office space -(  Office Smoffice - Step 1) I remembered seeing how bloggers cut off legs of tables, dressers, and chairs - so why not?
I used a regular chair to sit at the sofa table that is going to be my desk, to make sure I had the right height for my legs to go under comfortably and my knees not hit every time, and measured it from seat top to floor.
I used this measurement to mark on my bar stool where I needed to cut off the legs.  I included the seat cushion, otherwise it will be too tall.

When I was marking each leg, I realized that on the front two, I was going to be cutting right into on of the horizontal supports, so I decided that I would cut above it, and this would make the chair a little lower than planned, but that way someone with bigger legs could still fit under the desk/table. So even things planned and measured have to be improvised.

I used a cheap hacksaw to cut the legs off - keeping it straight so I didn't have wobbly legs and uneven bottoms. (he he - sorry that made me laugh)
It worked! The chair is still stable, due to it's shortness. I tightened up the screws and now it's ready to paint and maybe re-cover the seat.

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Sittin Pretty

12-27-12 10:30am!
All that is left is the backside of the backrest and the arm rests.
When I first bought this fabric (months ago, at Walmart, yeah, $6.97 /yd.) there was a coordinating stripe, but when I went back yesterday, I couldn't find it at any of the other stores! UGH!!

I am really happy with the one chair, thus far.  Now I have to find and decide on the coordinating fabric for the backside, arms and other chair.

After a lot of pulling, stretching and stapling, I have the seat & back finished!
Here are the 2 chairs side by side
One re-upholstered vs one as I received it

Update: 12-26-12
Since I have two of these chairs, I am taking one apart, step by step, carefully and photo-journaling everything, to share and tutor when all is complete.

I was having a horrible time trying to figure out how the back of the chair was attached and how I was going to re-upholster it .
I cut open the back piece and here is what I found!

 After unscrewing these 6 screws, the back of the chair came right out,.

 I was able to re-upholster the front of it, stapling all around the frame.

(obviously I can't cover the back the same way, with stapling, looks like it was glued and covered with piping.

This is the After of the one piece back.  I love the mix of styles and bringing the cheerfulness to the chair.
Look at the before below!

11-30-12 Ok, I have stalled enough and been "busy" for far too long!  
Time for this little chickie to practice some self-confidence and time management!
I CAN do it all - almost!  
I was given two of these chairs, and I LOVE the frames, color and all, but um, the fabric of 1980 has to go - I bought some bright bold fabric to re-cover these in, and have been second guessing myself, but I REALLY think it will update and make these chairs pop with color, fun and cheerfulness - so, I don't care what anyone says, I'm doing it!

And here is the cute fabric I found that I want to cover it in - I also saw that there was a coordinating stripe that I might get to do the arm rests and back of the chair in.

Here goes!
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After Christmas Greetings!

Well it's December 26th, and we've celebrated our Christmas Holiday, and are excited to usher in a New Year! 

I don't know about you, but I'm grateful for all my past, as I hope I have learned from it, and am ready to forgive, forget and move forward to a fresh new year of 

I'm moving forward with a new found confidence and gonna just 
"Go for it!" 
with much in my life!
Yeah, even in my decor!
No more procrastinating, no more caring what others like or don't, just following my heart and what feels good!
I encourage you to do the same and I would love to see your accomplishments, big or small!

Would also love a guest poster, so message me and let's do this BIG this year!
Whoo Hoo!  
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Ok, so many of you may know that I am a full time student, tend to my 4 year old grand son on a daily basis, work for myself in home health on the weekends, and the last of my five children is a senior in high school - SO, life is very busy!

I love to cook, sew and DIY projects!

For the last month or so, I have been bombarded with my school and helping some of my grown children get some issues under control.  During all this, I haven't been able to blog or even check out much online - so I was sad.
BUT, I passed this semester off with a 3.0 GPA (for an old chickie poo like me, that's awesome), yes, I did the happy dance!

All this chaos, and extreme hours in studying, homework, etc., left me with realizing how much I want to de-clutter and get my house in order.  I have great plans and goals, but I get sidetracked ALOT!!

So, I'm making my commitment  resolution or whatever you wanna call it, to get rid of the things that I really don't like, or wouldn't really spend hard earned cash on, display the things I do love, and keep moving in my direction of lightening up my home, and taking risks.
I mean, it all really is about making our houses or homes, and sanctuaries that we feel good in, right?
Doesn't have to match, have a theme, or even be appealing to anyone else but ourselves!
So, no more indecisiveness, no more grabbing that $10 thingy that is cool, and time to let go of the excess!
Another way I look at the de-cluttering and exponging of excess, is that it's a great thing to donate and let others enjoy things that I haven't or don't.
My condo is small, it's leased, so I can't make big changes, but I can make it mine - too many years I have spent on doing, being and even decorating like I think others like, but it's time to shine!
So I encourage each of you to shine and share with me, your changes and "awakenings" if you will - What better way to start the New Year!
Hugs and Smiles,
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Canning Jars Galore!

 Mason Jar Ideas

Pickle jar tutorial

Christmas jar tutorial

 Soooooo. . . .Looky what I FOUND~
Yeah baby, Kerr canning jars! - So, of course, I bought a slew of them, and started looking up great things to do with them, especially with CHRISTMAS close!
Tissue paper tutorial
Glowing jars tutorial
Blue jars tutorial

Hanging jars and spoons tutorial
Herb jars tutorial

Check your Pockets tutorial

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Roller Coaster!

Hello All,

It has been quite some time since I have been able to post or work on a project - my family has had some difficult issues to deal with and with so much on our plates, something had to take a back seat - my blogging - BUT, it helped me to realize and see how therapeutic this is for me, and appreciate when I am able to do projects, blog and check out other's blogs!  I absolutely love this !  I'm new to blogging and couldn't have found a better counselor!  :) 

Life is a roller coaster of sorts - Ups, downs, slow, fast, twists, straight and every little inch seems to be different.  It's not all bad, either - I take the scary drops and relax when the straight-a-way comes, so, in all, it's a great experience - LIFE!  I have much to be grateful for, and will continue on my path of supporting those that need me, assisting those to help themselves, and healing myself.  I just missed this part of my life, and wanted to share - If I can ever be of help or support to anyone out there struggling with loved ones with serious issues as addiction, mental illness, physical illness or a broken heart - I'm HERE for you!  
I don't have many answers, solutions or great plans, I just follow my heart and want to make sure I do all I can while I am on this Earth.

I have embraced that I can't save anyone, no matter how much I love them, and would literally die for them, BUT the Lord can, and did- so I have to turn it over to Him, and have faith that no matter what happens, it's in His hands.  

My love, prayers and thoughts are with you all especially as we come into this glorious Holiday Season! 
Know that someone out there is thinking of you . . . Hugs & Smiles (yes, even through tears)

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Weekend treasures!!!

This weekend, I got to peruse about a dozen yard sales, and a big bazaar - I didn't have much money to spend, (rent is due) but I did find some pretty cool stuff - Wanna see?! 

Awesome goodies, huh?!  Some of the things are great as is, but knowing me, I will put my personal touch on each and make them mine!  So excited!!  PLUS, I have been keeping my eye out for another hutch/bookcase, but had to be cheap - and look what I found!!  It's an albatroose and my daughter asked where the heck we were gonna put it in our little condo, but WHO cares!!  It has great bones!!  LOL!!
I can't wait to get this painted!!  Here are some ideas for it - if you have some, send them to me!!!  I am a big chicken on this stuff, but I'm getting braver!

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Happy Halloween! - Wicked Treats

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! WE did!!

A few fun snack for the family for Halloween!
Be safe, enjoy and don't get sick from all the sugar!

Apple fangs (peanut butter/almond slivers)

Graham crackers/frosting/jam

cherry filling cupcakes frosted
Shredded Wheat/melted chocolate chips/peanut butter

Sucker sticks/sm marshamallows/butterscotch chips melted


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