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Yes, it's mine - junk2jewels-diy
I have had this wonderful small boat/shelf for quite some time. It's been used to store cd's in the living room, toiletries in the bathroom, and now it hangs in my bedroom, the beginning of my master bedroom make-over.  French country, beach cottage!

Yes, that is a glass, blue bunny you see.  I inherited that from my grandma, and it's one of those pieces that may not be valuable in dollars, but it brings back great memories for me.  She loved it, and so do I!  Besides, the transparent blue is beachy, right?!  One of these days, I'll tell you about my g'ma! Talk about inspiration! For now, it's time for me to hit the road!  Have a safe Labor Day weekend!  Hugs & smiles, T Pin It Now!

Mermaid at Heart!

Fun accents - Coastal Living
Adorable Beach entry from

All this talk about mixing styles and particularly bringing in an ocean, beach feel has got me craving lobster and the ocean air!  So, I'm off to the coast for the weekend, and am going to get inspired (ok, major R&R honestly).

 Here's some inspiration to hold you over and hopefully inspire you to add a little salty air to your decor!

Beachy inspiration I found on pinterest, unless noted otherwise.
(If proper photo/design credit is not linked from pinterest, let me know, & I will find the link for proper credit)
Coastal Living fun pattern

Apartment Therapy surfboard shelves

Caribbean feel - Coastal Living
Feminine feel

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Salvaged gold mine!

Architectural salvage yard
Listen up boys and girls! There is a gold mine waiting to be discovered in your area!
I stumbled over this one, at a craft mall, and then came home and did a google search for my state and Viola!  There are several I'm going to have to check out!
Now, granted, they are not actually a true salvage yard, that we can get these things for free, 
but hopefully their prices are deals - so check one out!
This antique mirror is gorgeous as a headboard from Country Living

Here is a gorgeous room from

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French Country Cottage Beachy! Mixing styles!

I stumbled over a post on this wonderful blog,, about mixing styles.  I have been struggling with the courage to go for the decor that I really love - French country cottage beachy - HaHa!  Seriously, my kids have always teased me about liking bits of all of these styles, but not being brave enough to just do it!  That's what my blog is all about!  Going for our dreams! Ok, my dream of a French country cottage beachy decor might not be some monumental dream, but it is mine, and it is a wonderful feeling to wake up and be happy in your surroundings.  Let's go for it!
Country desk, cottage entertainment center, French chair/pillar, star fish decor - great mix of styles! Image from HGTV

Coastal Living's bedroom inspired by the ocean - notice the rustic bench below the glamorous chandelier - Beautiful mix!
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Just an itch - I mean niche

This is from my previous house, where I had all white walls, vaulted ceilings, and several of these niches/nooks.  I painted the back side brown, and installed some floating shelves to create a built in.  (Another idea I had thought of, would have been to hang a large picture with a display lamp, above it, for a more formal look).   All I had to purchase were the 1x12's, have them cut to length, and mounted 1x2's along the back and sides to support the shelves. Maybe cost me $6.00!  This was a rental, and when I left, the new tenants liked it so much, they asked me to leave it. (Notice the chairs from a previous post?)
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Mirror Magic - Glaze Recipe

Mirror Transformation
My DIY Glaze

This was an oak, beveled mirror that
I had been using in primer mode for years!

Finally, I decided to get it ready for my daughter's room.

Painted it a blue (opps paint)
Then decided to distress it, but didn't have any glaze.

So, I messed around with some stuff, and made this washy/glaze that worked Great!!

Finished product with my created glaze!

Before of my white mirror - this is primer (been like this for years) 


Awesome thing that came out of this is that I discovered a cheap glaze.  Maybe someone else has already, but I haven't seen any mention, so, here it is: I shopped and shopped for glazes to have on stock.  But with my budget so small, or non existent, I had to come up with a cheap alternative.  Having been involved years ago with the building of my former dream home, I was literally the painter! Yup, 8 mos pregnant, too young to know better, I took it on.
I discovered Paint Easy.  It's a Latex paint conditioner,  that thins your paint without diluting it's coloring.  (Generally used for sprayers, but worked wonders for me on this)  Yup, at $6.95 for a 32 oz bottle, I am in Heaven over this discovery (I'll post more on this later).
So, here's what I did:
1. Sanded the shine off the original oak frame. (sandpaper $1 @ dollar store)
2. Brushed Kilz2 primer on with the polyester $1 store $1 brush. I only did one coat - yeah, impatient me.
3. Two coats of a blue-grey paint I had in my inventory of mess up paints I already had. (I'll get the formula).
4. Then I got brave and did my antiquing/distressing:
      GLAZE: I squirted some Black 20404 Apple Barrel acrylic craft paint into a little bowl, (about 2 tbls.,(I cook too)  then I just poured in a small amount of the Paint Easy (about a 1 tsp) - just till it was watery.  I used this as my glaze, brushing it one, then wiping it off with paper towels until I got the coverage I wanted.  This took a while, as I kept taking too much off, then too much on, then finally just STOPPED!

5. I let this dry for about an hour.  I liked the finish as it was, but decided to try the wax that I have seen done before.  So I applied the Minwax, with a paper towel, let it sit for 15 mins., then buffed it with a clean paper towel - Wha la!  I love it! (oh btw, I had read somewhere that someone said the wax would put an orange tint to things - I bought a light glaze, so mine did not change the color at all).

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She believed . . .

My inspiration creation
I created this post today as a reminder to myself to keep believing in myself - to not be afraid of change, and to not doubt myself.  I know this is kinda crazy, but for the longest time, I decorated my home with the thought, in the back of my mind, of what visitors would think or feel when they came over.  Now, I know that's ok thinking to an extent, but I really need to just do it for myself, and what makes me feel good.  I dont' mean this in a selfish way at all.  What I have learned is that when I am happy, truly happy, that I bring that out in my life, and my home is the core.  In my rambling, I guess I'm trying to say, that I have given myself permission to do my house my way, breaking whatever decorating, collecting, or monetary rules, and yet it will be BEAUTIFUL! So, I am going for it!  Surrounding myself with the colors, textures and things I love and make me smile!  So should you!
Hugs & BIG smiles
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Writing Desk

Desk opened

Front view
I found this used, online for $20.  That is usually my max on what I will pay for a piece, but I had to donate one I had, from my grandmother, years ago, so this is really cool for me to get.  It's going into Amanda's room.   Amanda is thinking she likes the wood tone, but it needs to be re-finished, and I think a bold fun color inside. Pin It Now!

Asian tea table stools

Mother of Pear inlay
Now these are pretty cool, if I do say so myself.  I even left the price sticker on to remind myself what a bargain shopper I am!  I got these for 50% off to boot!  Look closely at that inlay-and I'm diggin the red bottoms, (think I can get a pair of red-bottoms for $6.99-HA!)  These are pretty small and funky shaped, but they will work perfect for my daughter, Amanda's nightstands, for her low platform bed.  With a little bit o' cleaning and touch up, they should be just fine. Remember, I am gathering up items to give Amanda's room that exotic, Gypsy, Bohemian feel.  What do you think?  (p.s. those are dog bones, not some yucky thingy, just sayin).
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Tick Tock

Pine wall clock
Another one of my treasures I had to share with you.  I bought this at a thrift store for $5.00.  It was my big ticket item that day! The drawer is broken, and I haven't tested to see if the clock works yet. (Geesh, seem to run out of AA batteries way too fast.) It's in very good shape, original pine, lightly varnished.  First inclination is to go black and distress it, but that's not unique.  I'll have to brainstorm and stare at it a while...if you have an idea, let me know . . .

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Pillar Power

I bought 2 of these pillars over 10 years ago at a swap meet, in California, for $10 ea.  I have experimented on this one, by washing it with a watered down brown paint, and then lately, spraying black paint to darken it. I wanted it darker, thinking it would look more elegant.  Well, it looks Gothic! Not really the idea, so this week, I will try something new and post.

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Tuesday's Tip!

Organizing doesn't have to be ugly.  I have this fettish for pretty boxes, and got these in the clearance section for $5 & $7 at one of those home discount stores.  I use the smaller one for keeping all my scissors in.  The larger one is used for household items that we need once in a while, but not everyday, like lint brush, mini flash light, etc. I have no desire to redo these, but I do re-use them in different rooms at different times, just depending on my whim. Pin It Now!

Sitting Pretty

I was given these chairs several months ago, from a dear friend of mine, who didn't need them anymore, nor use them.  Originally, (years ago) she paid a small fortune for them, and even had a rug custom made to match! I love the detail and professional distressing, so I'm not going to mess with perfection.  I am thinking something bold and fun! Animal or big floral maybe? 
The chair
Where it lives now
Detail - up close

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Light my Fire

Shades are adorable
This chandelier was one of the most expensive things I have bought!  I found it on craig's list for $20.  Yes, I am a tightwad!  I have been wanting a chandelier forever! This thing is honkin heavy!  I love the details!  Now to start collecting bling to use on this!  Whoo Hoo!  I am thinking painting it a deep, royal color and bling it out with crystal and pearl beads.  Amanda is gonna want this, but NO WAY! This is Mama's baby!  Hehe! Pin It Now!


Better Late than Never!

Hello to my first post, to kick myself in the butt (yeah, I said the "b" word, well the nicer of them).  As you can already tell, I have a weird sense of humor,  it's my way of keeping things real.   I am creating this blog finally, after years of self doubt.  Divorce, loss, stress and life can do that to us.  I want to share my projects, tips, thoughts, events, stories and whatever else pops in my jigsaw brain with you, in hopes to inspire, encourage and guide you.  Boy, do I have stories to tell - but that's later.  So welcome, to a little part of me, (which may prove to be a huge part of myself), throwing all fears behind and going for it! Warning: I will go off on tangents A LOT!  So,  I apologize up front, but I get back on course quickly - I think I have ADD, and I say, it's a good thing - Ability to Do Dozens of things at once.  What human doesn't!

One of my ongoing mantra's lately, when I get antsy and want to just pack up and move (again), is "Bloom where your Planted".  Not sure who originally said it, but it works for me! (Yeah, I use exclamation points freely)!!!!!

Watch for my first project soon, and please bear with me as I start this new path. I do hope to make you laugh, feel inspired, smile, and feel like you just got a hug.  

 Hugs and Smiles, T (Theresa)
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