French Country Cottage Beachy! Mixing styles!

I stumbled over a post on this wonderful blog,, about mixing styles.  I have been struggling with the courage to go for the decor that I really love - French country cottage beachy - HaHa!  Seriously, my kids have always teased me about liking bits of all of these styles, but not being brave enough to just do it!  That's what my blog is all about!  Going for our dreams! Ok, my dream of a French country cottage beachy decor might not be some monumental dream, but it is mine, and it is a wonderful feeling to wake up and be happy in your surroundings.  Let's go for it!
Country desk, cottage entertainment center, French chair/pillar, star fish decor - great mix of styles! Image from HGTV

Coastal Living's bedroom inspired by the ocean - notice the rustic bench below the glamorous chandelier - Beautiful mix!
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