Better Late than Never!

Hello to my first post, to kick myself in the butt (yeah, I said the "b" word, well the nicer of them).  As you can already tell, I have a weird sense of humor,  it's my way of keeping things real.   I am creating this blog finally, after years of self doubt.  Divorce, loss, stress and life can do that to us.  I want to share my projects, tips, thoughts, events, stories and whatever else pops in my jigsaw brain with you, in hopes to inspire, encourage and guide you.  Boy, do I have stories to tell - but that's later.  So welcome, to a little part of me, (which may prove to be a huge part of myself), throwing all fears behind and going for it! Warning: I will go off on tangents A LOT!  So,  I apologize up front, but I get back on course quickly - I think I have ADD, and I say, it's a good thing - Ability to Do Dozens of things at once.  What human doesn't!

One of my ongoing mantra's lately, when I get antsy and want to just pack up and move (again), is "Bloom where your Planted".  Not sure who originally said it, but it works for me! (Yeah, I use exclamation points freely)!!!!!

Watch for my first project soon, and please bear with me as I start this new path. I do hope to make you laugh, feel inspired, smile, and feel like you just got a hug.  

 Hugs and Smiles, T (Theresa)
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