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Fun accents - Coastal Living
Adorable Beach entry from

All this talk about mixing styles and particularly bringing in an ocean, beach feel has got me craving lobster and the ocean air!  So, I'm off to the coast for the weekend, and am going to get inspired (ok, major R&R honestly).

 Here's some inspiration to hold you over and hopefully inspire you to add a little salty air to your decor!

Beachy inspiration I found on pinterest, unless noted otherwise.
(If proper photo/design credit is not linked from pinterest, let me know, & I will find the link for proper credit)
Coastal Living fun pattern

Apartment Therapy surfboard shelves

Caribbean feel - Coastal Living
Feminine feel

Love the blue glass - Elle Decor
I have always had an infinity to nautical decor and life.  Maybe it's because I was raised in So. Cali, and we practically lived on the beach.  I have always said, I'm a mermaid at heart! My daughters and I have been collected sea shells for quite some time, from stores, here in AZ, and of course when we get to a beach, so I think I'll finish up one of those projects when I get back and share them with you.  Keep a watch!

Neutral coastal

Resort feel

 I have posted a ton of pictures today.  I get inspired by sometimes spending hours searching through magazines, googling, and pinterest.  It helps me see what other's have done and how to implement it in my own house -plus it really gives me motivation! I can't wait to get to my sea shell collection too, and maybe cover up one of my mirrors! 

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