Mirror Magic - Glaze Recipe

Mirror Transformation
My DIY Glaze

This was an oak, beveled mirror that
I had been using in primer mode for years!

Finally, I decided to get it ready for my daughter's room.

Painted it a blue (opps paint)
Then decided to distress it, but didn't have any glaze.

So, I messed around with some stuff, and made this washy/glaze that worked Great!!

Finished product with my created glaze!

Before of my white mirror - this is primer (been like this for years) 


Awesome thing that came out of this is that I discovered a cheap glaze.  Maybe someone else has already, but I haven't seen any mention, so, here it is: I shopped and shopped for glazes to have on stock.  But with my budget so small, or non existent, I had to come up with a cheap alternative.  Having been involved years ago with the building of my former dream home, I was literally the painter! Yup, 8 mos pregnant, too young to know better, I took it on.
I discovered Paint Easy.  It's a Latex paint conditioner,  that thins your paint without diluting it's coloring.  (Generally used for sprayers, but worked wonders for me on this)  Yup, at $6.95 for a 32 oz bottle, I am in Heaven over this discovery (I'll post more on this later).
So, here's what I did:
1. Sanded the shine off the original oak frame. (sandpaper $1 @ dollar store)
2. Brushed Kilz2 primer on with the polyester $1 store $1 brush. I only did one coat - yeah, impatient me.
3. Two coats of a blue-grey paint I had in my inventory of mess up paints I already had. (I'll get the formula).
4. Then I got brave and did my antiquing/distressing:
      GLAZE: I squirted some Black 20404 Apple Barrel acrylic craft paint into a little bowl, (about 2 tbls.,(I cook too)  then I just poured in a small amount of the Paint Easy (about a 1 tsp) - just till it was watery.  I used this as my glaze, brushing it one, then wiping it off with paper towels until I got the coverage I wanted.  This took a while, as I kept taking too much off, then too much on, then finally just STOPPED!

5. I let this dry for about an hour.  I liked the finish as it was, but decided to try the wax that I have seen done before.  So I applied the Minwax, with a paper towel, let it sit for 15 mins., then buffed it with a clean paper towel - Wha la!  I love it! (oh btw, I had read somewhere that someone said the wax would put an orange tint to things - I bought a light glaze, so mine did not change the color at all).

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