Coffee table tutorial (A Looong one)

This is my tutorial for the coffee table
It ended up taking a lot longer than planned.
I ended up re-painting it three times.
So, don't get discouraged if you don't like the first transformation of your piece.
I lived with each one for a day or so, then made my changes.  It's only paint!

I found this coffee table a few weeks ago at Goodwill.

Looked like someone used it for knife throwing practice!

Sanded quite a bit, then wiped with a tack cloth.  Applied a good coat of primer by brush and roller.
I wanted to do color blocking - so I taped off the top &
  painted the legs and top a green/blue color, that I mixed from "oopps" paints I had.
The white is just the primer, but it was my plan to keep it white in those spots

I think it would have been really "cute" as blocked colored, BUT, it was a little too cute for what I was looking for.  Plus, it seemed too busy as one of my main pieces.  I want my accessories to be what brings in color and diversity.  I want my basic pieces to be the foundation and more neutral, to a point!
I love color!

Anyhoo, I lightly sanded and re-primered back over the top, and painted the rest of the base all green.
First coat of green over primer
The left side has been filled in and the bottom had not yet - see the diff?
I ended up with three coats - letting each coat dry in between

Lesson learned: 
 I was having a heck of a time with the groove that ran along the top of the table. It was too deep and only getting globs of paint in it, and looked tacky.  I tried getting paint down in there with a tiny brush, spraying, and even gouging it out with a wood file - nothing worked to my liking.  Then it dawned on me to fill it in! Duh me!!  So, I grabbed my spackel and spread it into the groove, wiped excess off with a wet rag, and viola!  It worked!!

Time for adding character:
I debated between using a vintage French postage image, floral shop signage, and finally chose this image from The Graphics Fairy, of a part of a vintage invoice. 

I found the prefect image from The Graphics Fairy
I did some research and honestly, tried the chalk, pencil, wax paper, freezer paper, and newsprint methods to transfer the image onto the wood.  I ended up happy with the chalk and pencil rubbing methods.

Printed the image in poster mode, on multiple sheets.  Marked my centers and straight lines in chalk on the table top.Rubbed a colored chalk across the back of the lettering, giving it a pretty heavy coat.  Taped the papers in position on the table top

I switched from chalk to pencil rubbing for the rest of the image (it was darker and didn't smear into my paint).

Once I covered the back of the image with either chalk or pencil rubbings, I taped it in place and traced all the letters and designs with a ball point pen.

This was easy, but very time consuming.  Thank Heaven for NetFlix to have on while I did this.

I used a black paint pen I got from Walmart for $2.50.  and colored in the design.  Making sure to stay on the inside of the tracing, and watching my hand to not smear!

The markers are awesome!!
They come in lots of colors and metallics, so you could add shading, outlines, or multicolor, depending on your mood! 

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Mirror Magic After

In pursing my desire to lighten up and get to that beachy, cottage, comfy feel, I went with
 Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze.  It was a toss up between that or "Watermelon".  
I really wanted the mirror to pop and make a statement, so I think any bold color would have worked.  I'm super duper excited how this turned out!
Mirror stands over 5'3" tall and 2'3" wide!
If your debating to play it safe (I was orginally going to paint this mirror high gloss black.  It would have been gorgeous, but just not meshing with my evolving away from the dark side!) or dying to try something new, Go for it! Worse case, you re-paint it!
Glazed with my faux glaze recipe http://www.junk2jewels-diy.blogspot.com/2012/08/white-no-more.html

This is a close up of the mirror before - Yuk!!
I was so excited to get these pictures up, and realized my daughter had the good camera with her at school! ARGH!  So, when she gets home, I'll post the before's my steps, and share with you!


Here they are:
Primered with Kilz spray primer

Tested out my color choices

Sprayed on two coats (let dry in between each coat)
 Later that night, I used my mixture of black acrylic paint with Paint Easy and antiqued the mirror frame.
I make it fairly watery, slather it on, then wipe it off with a dry cloth.  I keep a damp cloth close by to wipe off extra, as I get the effect I want.  Remember, if you get too much on, you can always spray a little paint of the original color onto something plastic (plate, bowl) and use a brush to put more color back on.  You just really can't make a mistake!
After all was dry, I used the furniture wax, and polished it up.

This accomplishment of finishing both mirrors from my "Mirror Magic" post, has really given me some self confidence and motivation to keep going and get this house all prettied up!!
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Looky Lou's Wanted!

I just had to show you!!

Over the weekend, I found some real bargains.  See, I told you I am so scatterbrained, that I need to finish my office space, and instead I just HAD to run out to our Goodwill's 1/2 off Saturday!  ARGH!  What can I say?  I bought a coffee table, night stand, shelf, school desk and a Little Tykes kid's table, all for $35.41! 
Resistance was futile!

Me and my love of the sea!  I have this thing about lighthouses or anything nautical. Dontcha think this would be sweet in a bathroom - $3.50 is what I paid?!

Can you believe I have not had a coffee table in years!  This works great ($14.97) with my going French, country, sea, cottage.  Can't wait to paint it!

Nightstand $12.50 - drawers open smooth, and in great shape. Just some paint and it will be like new!

Isn't this adorable!  I couldn't resist this for $2.50.  I put the quart of kilz2 next to show you how small it is. Cute cute!

Actually pretty clean and in great shape for $1.99 - but I have seen where others use Krylon plastic paints and make these kinds of pieces look brand spankin new.  Plus, it's for my g'babies, so I think I'm gonna make it to fit in my dining room style.

Most of the wood items were actually solid - not any veneer - but that would be ok too.
Now that I have my condo filled to the brim with projects, I guess I better get a move on it.
That is, in between homework, work, babysitting, meals, taxi, well, you know the drill.  Until then, enjoy your junk, and I would love to hear your ideas of what I can do with these items. Hugs & Smiles, T

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Cheap Chalk!

I needed a cute little chalk board in my new office space.  I found this aluminum tray at a $1 store, bought my Krylon chalk paint at Wally world, and in an hour, I had my wonderful display for daily quotes!

Tape off what you don't want chalked.

I sprayed 4 light coats, waiting till dry to the touch in between. 
Then 24 hrs to rub chalk on it, to condition it. (that's what the can said)
Used silicon, to glue a picture hanger onto the back.
Lovin it!  Now I want to chalk everything!  haha!! 
(this was before I glued the hanger on) 

The other day, my daughter and I ran to Ikea, (had been too long) and I picked up some cabinet doors for $3.00 each that I am going to make each of my grown children a chalk board, and one for my kitchen.
Who knows, we might even glue sea shells, modpodge or fabric to the frame, but I'll let you know. 
This would be the inside (backside)
Yup, after being unable to work on projects for a week, I'm happy to be back! 
Hugs & Smiles

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Remembering 911

May we always remember those that gave so much - Prayers, love and support to all of us, especially those closely touched by the loses of that devastating day.

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Easy Homemade Glazed Mirror

Ok, so I have been too cheap to buy actual glaze, so I tried to figure out something else -
It's worked! - (Update - I did buy some glaze to have on hand eventually too)

This was originally an oak beveled mirror - SUPER heavy!
It was part of an ironing board wall hanging thingy, my kids and ex bought me a million years ago.
Eventually I didn't need the ironing part any longer, so I just took it apart and was using the mirror around the house as we needed
Now it was time to give my daughter the mirror - I didn't have a picture of it before I primered it, because it's been in that primer stage for years!  HA!  See, that indecisiveness of mine popped it's head for years!  Ugh!


 This is the smaller white mirror from my "Mirror mirror" post. I really like the way it turned out!
It's the one on the right

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Wednesday's Wisdom - Signage!

  I love signs!!  All colors, types, nationalities, ALL of them!! 

Stenciled on a wood board, routered edges

I created this today, and want to transfer it to wood,  etch on a mirror, or even directly on a wall . . . 
 Create your own, using quotes, scriptures, lyrics, phrases, different languages, etc., that you like, and inspire yourself and your loved ones!
I would love to see your ideas and creations!

Here are some I have done in the past
Vinyl on mirror
 Check out your local $1 stores for vinyl phrases and designs!
This frame is plastic, and I paid $5 at a Family Dollar store.

Vinyl on photo
 The vinyl phrase I paid $1 at $1 store, and the picture is again in a plastic frame and was $7 at a Family Dollar.  ARGH, yup, glass broke in this last move, and I refuse to throw it out - gonna find a cheap piece of glass or another picture, same size and repair it - someday!

I have even taken other signs, turned them around, or sanded them down and used the board to make it my own!
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Office Smoffice - Phase 1

 Phase 1 - Re-arrange & Re-use furniture
I decided that I wanted to utilize the little corner space at the opposite end of my living room and couch.  I like the idea of having a corner wall to use for some floating shelves, the light from the patio door, and using the couch as the divider between the dining area, living room & and now, my mini office space.  
I didn't want to face the wall, so I lined up the desk with the end of the couch, and took the
little potting shelf (was on my patio) and it fit perfectly on the wall next to the sliding door.
Notice that I brought over my storage Paris boxes and they sit in front of the stationary side of the slider.
In working towards a lighter, cottage-like feel, I swapped out the sleek, black desk, for a sofa table that I had bought at a rummage sale, a year ago for $5.  It had already been stripped down when I bought it, and has been sitting around waiting for me to finish it. (It's a Broyhill)!
The chair was literally sitting outside getting dirty. I bought it over a year ago at goodwill for $5.  I was seriously thinking of putting it out by the dumpster and letting anyone have it. It was too short for my bar, and too tall to use at a table.
Until NOW!
I'm going to cut down the legs and paint it.
 I measured up from the bottom, using the height of another chair that fit perfectly, as my guide. Marked all sides, then drew lines all the way around the leg, as a guide for cutting.

After pics coming!

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Office Smoffice!

My little home office
 As you can see, my space in my little condo is very limited.  I have carved out a little space for an office, study, homework, bill paying, surfing web & blogging spot.  It needs help!  I am using the boxes (I love em) to store all the office/desk supplies, and I have that ugly dented filing cabinet, that will either get painted, or replaced (like how it's a printer stand too).  I have about 6 feet of wall space along the side.  Yes, that is my HUGE couch, and living room in front.
An idea of the whole room
The living room is another project.  Right now, I really need to get my office space in order.  Remember when I said I was working on being brave with going with white?  Well now you can see why.  I crave the fresh, country, cottage, crispy, cozy (CCCC) feel!  I'll post more pictures as I make some changes today.

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