5 Labor free ways to give your room R&R!

Happy Labor day!  In honor of taking a break, and giving you a labor free update for your bedrooms, here are some simple tips on making your personal R&R space (bedroom) more beautiful and refreshing, without breaking the bank or any serious painting.
This week, I will post some specifics tutorials for these steps. Until then, enjoy your Labor Day!

Step 1
Refresh your bedding (or switch it up)
My grandma used to have several different comforter sets, and now I know what a wonderful idea it is.  Changing out your bedding,  mix matching shams, bed skirts, or coverlets, and even laying up are just enough to freshen up your room, and give you a new feel. 
@Good Housekeeping - Layering mix/match

Step 2
Incorporate a Headboard - (or a faux one)
It's as simple as hanging a piece of fabric, framing a piece of art, a mirror
honestly, anything behind your bed works!

Chalk board cute!

Step 3 

 Storage  in a Pretty way
Keeping your room free from actual clutter has been proven to help your stay de-cluttered and sleep more soundly.
Adding pretty boxes, under bed storage, cute shelves or cabinets and trays can contain the clutter in a fashionable way.
BHG foot board - EASY Diy!
Step 4
Create a Cozy corner
Even the smallest of rooms can have that cozy little area where you can sip your morning java, read a book, or even blog!'s cozy corner simplicity

Step 5
Land Softly - add a rug
Small, large, simple or elegant, a rug sets the tone, defines your space, and can feel soft and tickle between your toes.

lauracaseyinteriors stenciled rug
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