Cheap Chalk!

I needed a cute little chalk board in my new office space.  I found this aluminum tray at a $1 store, bought my Krylon chalk paint at Wally world, and in an hour, I had my wonderful display for daily quotes!

Tape off what you don't want chalked.

I sprayed 4 light coats, waiting till dry to the touch in between. 
Then 24 hrs to rub chalk on it, to condition it. (that's what the can said)
Used silicon, to glue a picture hanger onto the back.
Lovin it!  Now I want to chalk everything!  haha!! 
(this was before I glued the hanger on) 

The other day, my daughter and I ran to Ikea, (had been too long) and I picked up some cabinet doors for $3.00 each that I am going to make each of my grown children a chalk board, and one for my kitchen.
Who knows, we might even glue sea shells, modpodge or fabric to the frame, but I'll let you know. 
This would be the inside (backside)
Yup, after being unable to work on projects for a week, I'm happy to be back! 
Hugs & Smiles

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