Easy Homemade Glazed Mirror

Ok, so I have been too cheap to buy actual glaze, so I tried to figure out something else -
It's worked! - (Update - I did buy some glaze to have on hand eventually too)

This was originally an oak beveled mirror - SUPER heavy!
It was part of an ironing board wall hanging thingy, my kids and ex bought me a million years ago.
Eventually I didn't need the ironing part any longer, so I just took it apart and was using the mirror around the house as we needed
Now it was time to give my daughter the mirror - I didn't have a picture of it before I primered it, because it's been in that primer stage for years!  HA!  See, that indecisiveness of mine popped it's head for years!  Ugh!


 This is the smaller white mirror from my "Mirror mirror" post. I really like the way it turned out!
It's the one on the right

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