Looky Lou's Wanted!

I just had to show you!!

Over the weekend, I found some real bargains.  See, I told you I am so scatterbrained, that I need to finish my office space, and instead I just HAD to run out to our Goodwill's 1/2 off Saturday!  ARGH!  What can I say?  I bought a coffee table, night stand, shelf, school desk and a Little Tykes kid's table, all for $35.41! 
Resistance was futile!

Me and my love of the sea!  I have this thing about lighthouses or anything nautical. Dontcha think this would be sweet in a bathroom - $3.50 is what I paid?!

Can you believe I have not had a coffee table in years!  This works great ($14.97) with my going French, country, sea, cottage.  Can't wait to paint it!

Nightstand $12.50 - drawers open smooth, and in great shape. Just some paint and it will be like new!

Isn't this adorable!  I couldn't resist this for $2.50.  I put the quart of kilz2 next to show you how small it is. Cute cute!

Actually pretty clean and in great shape for $1.99 - but I have seen where others use Krylon plastic paints and make these kinds of pieces look brand spankin new.  Plus, it's for my g'babies, so I think I'm gonna make it to fit in my dining room style.

Most of the wood items were actually solid - not any veneer - but that would be ok too.
Now that I have my condo filled to the brim with projects, I guess I better get a move on it.
That is, in between homework, work, babysitting, meals, taxi, well, you know the drill.  Until then, enjoy your junk, and I would love to hear your ideas of what I can do with these items. Hugs & Smiles, T

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