Mirror Magic After

In pursing my desire to lighten up and get to that beachy, cottage, comfy feel, I went with
 Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze.  It was a toss up between that or "Watermelon".  
I really wanted the mirror to pop and make a statement, so I think any bold color would have worked.  I'm super duper excited how this turned out!
Mirror stands over 5'3" tall and 2'3" wide!
If your debating to play it safe (I was orginally going to paint this mirror high gloss black.  It would have been gorgeous, but just not meshing with my evolving away from the dark side!) or dying to try something new, Go for it! Worse case, you re-paint it!
Glazed with my faux glaze recipe

This is a close up of the mirror before - Yuk!!
I was so excited to get these pictures up, and realized my daughter had the good camera with her at school! ARGH!  So, when she gets home, I'll post the before's my steps, and share with you!


Here they are:
Primered with Kilz spray primer

Tested out my color choices

Sprayed on two coats (let dry in between each coat)
 Later that night, I used my mixture of black acrylic paint with Paint Easy and antiqued the mirror frame.
I make it fairly watery, slather it on, then wipe it off with a dry cloth.  I keep a damp cloth close by to wipe off extra, as I get the effect I want.  Remember, if you get too much on, you can always spray a little paint of the original color onto something plastic (plate, bowl) and use a brush to put more color back on.  You just really can't make a mistake!
After all was dry, I used the furniture wax, and polished it up.

This accomplishment of finishing both mirrors from my "Mirror Magic" post, has really given me some self confidence and motivation to keep going and get this house all prettied up!!
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