Office Smoffice - Phase 1

 Phase 1 - Re-arrange & Re-use furniture
I decided that I wanted to utilize the little corner space at the opposite end of my living room and couch.  I like the idea of having a corner wall to use for some floating shelves, the light from the patio door, and using the couch as the divider between the dining area, living room & and now, my mini office space.  
I didn't want to face the wall, so I lined up the desk with the end of the couch, and took the
little potting shelf (was on my patio) and it fit perfectly on the wall next to the sliding door.
Notice that I brought over my storage Paris boxes and they sit in front of the stationary side of the slider.
In working towards a lighter, cottage-like feel, I swapped out the sleek, black desk, for a sofa table that I had bought at a rummage sale, a year ago for $5.  It had already been stripped down when I bought it, and has been sitting around waiting for me to finish it. (It's a Broyhill)!
The chair was literally sitting outside getting dirty. I bought it over a year ago at goodwill for $5.  I was seriously thinking of putting it out by the dumpster and letting anyone have it. It was too short for my bar, and too tall to use at a table.
Until NOW!
I'm going to cut down the legs and paint it.
 I measured up from the bottom, using the height of another chair that fit perfectly, as my guide. Marked all sides, then drew lines all the way around the leg, as a guide for cutting.

After pics coming!

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