Office Smoffice!

My little home office
 As you can see, my space in my little condo is very limited.  I have carved out a little space for an office, study, homework, bill paying, surfing web & blogging spot.  It needs help!  I am using the boxes (I love em) to store all the office/desk supplies, and I have that ugly dented filing cabinet, that will either get painted, or replaced (like how it's a printer stand too).  I have about 6 feet of wall space along the side.  Yes, that is my HUGE couch, and living room in front.
An idea of the whole room
The living room is another project.  Right now, I really need to get my office space in order.  Remember when I said I was working on being brave with going with white?  Well now you can see why.  I crave the fresh, country, cottage, crispy, cozy (CCCC) feel!  I'll post more pictures as I make some changes today.

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