Wednesday's Wisdom - Signage!

  I love signs!!  All colors, types, nationalities, ALL of them!! 

Stenciled on a wood board, routered edges

I created this today, and want to transfer it to wood,  etch on a mirror, or even directly on a wall . . . 
 Create your own, using quotes, scriptures, lyrics, phrases, different languages, etc., that you like, and inspire yourself and your loved ones!
I would love to see your ideas and creations!

Here are some I have done in the past
Vinyl on mirror
 Check out your local $1 stores for vinyl phrases and designs!
This frame is plastic, and I paid $5 at a Family Dollar store.

Vinyl on photo
 The vinyl phrase I paid $1 at $1 store, and the picture is again in a plastic frame and was $7 at a Family Dollar.  ARGH, yup, glass broke in this last move, and I refuse to throw it out - gonna find a cheap piece of glass or another picture, same size and repair it - someday!

I have even taken other signs, turned them around, or sanded them down and used the board to make it my own!
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