Working with what you have - and making it GREAT!

As I have shared previously, I am in the middle of a major make-over of my little condo.  I have been collecting pieces for a while, but haven't made the next step to up-cycling them, until now! 

NEW Couch

Step 1- for me, was to trade my dark, sectional, albatross of a couch for a normal couch that I can slip cover. (I've been dying to do a bleached drop cloth cover).  On Craig's list I found the perfect, good quality couch ($140) and sold my former couch ($350) on craig's list.  I ended up with a $210 profit, which I figured paid for all the other tables, lamps, supplies, etc., I had been buying in the recent past! Can we say, "AWESOME"!
Former sectional couch

This last month, I have been asking myself, what I REALLY like and want my home to look and feel like.   Not what I think others will like, or think, but what "I", "me", "Theresa", really like and want.  I know it sounds selfish, but it seems most of my life, and probably a lot of other women, has been spent catering to what everyone else's needs and wants.  Well, that's fine and dandy, but eventually, we have to carve out time and space for ourselves too.  I am only my best for everyone else, when I can come from my own happy foundation.  I see it evolving, and it's a great feeling!!

Step 2 - I tried to remove as much of the small stuff from the Living room, as possible, so that I only had the major pieces to work with.  I knew I needed to get my sofa, tv and desk situated, and then could expand from there.   Once the big sectional was removed, I was so excited to see all the space I had to work with. 
 This newly created sitting area used to have the tv entertainment center on it.
Great spot for that freshly painted mirror, don't you think!
That little white table is actually a night stand I brought in from my bedroom.
I wanted something open and airy.  Plus, I love that it's already white.
 This was pretty much an unused section of the living room with just a curio cabinet.  Now it serves as a great little desk area. Plus, I have decided to pull out & accessorize with pieces of my tea pot/cup collection and surround myself with the things I love - no matter if they match or not!
 Now, with the couch against the one wall, I have room for a coffee table, and brought the left over chair over for more sitting.  I LOVE the openness!

And finally, I am really happy with the placement of the big stuff!
I lived with it for a few days, now and it works!
Now, to paint the coffee table, desk (sofa table), maybe even the tv entertainment center, then slip cover, re-upholster, and sew curtains and pillows, and of course accessorize.
Look how much more roomy and brighter the room looks now, that the dark framed, huge sectional is gone.

I tried a few different arrangements, lived with them for a day, and came to like this one the best.


 As I get to the painting, re-covering, sewing, crafting and accessorizing I will post every step, tip and experience I go through to share and hopefully inspire you to do whatever you need to, to make your own little piece of Heaven on Earth!  I'm excited, if you couldn't tell!  Muahahaha!  Hugs & Smiles, T

This is just another shot of the former arrangement with the big sectional - It's ok, and served it purpose for teenagers plopping and watching a movie, but now it's time for a change - It's all good!!  Hugs & Smiles, Theresa

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  1. Love your attitude! There is no shame in decorating the way you want. Your house is where you spend the most time so it should reflect your style and make you feel comfortable. Can't wait to see how the slipcover turns out!

  2. Awe, thank you so much for your comment and kind words!


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