Mel Bug!

I just have to show you my daughter's adorable little paintings she did for a friend of mine.

Her painting, poetry and sweet soul has persevered when I didn't think she would make it!
She is now a single mom, college student and working hard - one day at a time!

It's my honor to be her mother!
Here's to you Mellie!

So, it's my pleasure to showcase some of her work.
 They are tiny custom painting to match my friend's decor only about 2 inches square!

We're going to get her a blog, Crazy Bug Creations,  up soon, and her artwork available to customize and sell.


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  1. Hi, Theresa! Your daughter's art is beautiful! I can see how you are so proud of her! Thank you so much for stopping by Bella Nest. I'm happy to be following you now!

  2. Awe!Thank you so much for your kind words and support!


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