Roller Coaster!

Hello All,

It has been quite some time since I have been able to post or work on a project - my family has had some difficult issues to deal with and with so much on our plates, something had to take a back seat - my blogging - BUT, it helped me to realize and see how therapeutic this is for me, and appreciate when I am able to do projects, blog and check out other's blogs!  I absolutely love this !  I'm new to blogging and couldn't have found a better counselor!  :) 

Life is a roller coaster of sorts - Ups, downs, slow, fast, twists, straight and every little inch seems to be different.  It's not all bad, either - I take the scary drops and relax when the straight-a-way comes, so, in all, it's a great experience - LIFE!  I have much to be grateful for, and will continue on my path of supporting those that need me, assisting those to help themselves, and healing myself.  I just missed this part of my life, and wanted to share - If I can ever be of help or support to anyone out there struggling with loved ones with serious issues as addiction, mental illness, physical illness or a broken heart - I'm HERE for you!  
I don't have many answers, solutions or great plans, I just follow my heart and want to make sure I do all I can while I am on this Earth.

I have embraced that I can't save anyone, no matter how much I love them, and would literally die for them, BUT the Lord can, and did- so I have to turn it over to Him, and have faith that no matter what happens, it's in His hands.  

My love, prayers and thoughts are with you all especially as we come into this glorious Holiday Season! 
Know that someone out there is thinking of you . . . Hugs & Smiles (yes, even through tears)

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Weekend treasures!!!

This weekend, I got to peruse about a dozen yard sales, and a big bazaar - I didn't have much money to spend, (rent is due) but I did find some pretty cool stuff - Wanna see?! 

Awesome goodies, huh?!  Some of the things are great as is, but knowing me, I will put my personal touch on each and make them mine!  So excited!!  PLUS, I have been keeping my eye out for another hutch/bookcase, but had to be cheap - and look what I found!!  It's an albatroose and my daughter asked where the heck we were gonna put it in our little condo, but WHO cares!!  It has great bones!!  LOL!!
I can't wait to get this painted!!  Here are some ideas for it - if you have some, send them to me!!!  I am a big chicken on this stuff, but I'm getting braver!

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