Weekend treasures!!!

This weekend, I got to peruse about a dozen yard sales, and a big bazaar - I didn't have much money to spend, (rent is due) but I did find some pretty cool stuff - Wanna see?! 

Awesome goodies, huh?!  Some of the things are great as is, but knowing me, I will put my personal touch on each and make them mine!  So excited!!  PLUS, I have been keeping my eye out for another hutch/bookcase, but had to be cheap - and look what I found!!  It's an albatroose and my daughter asked where the heck we were gonna put it in our little condo, but WHO cares!!  It has great bones!!  LOL!!
I can't wait to get this painted!!  Here are some ideas for it - if you have some, send them to me!!!  I am a big chicken on this stuff, but I'm getting braver!

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