High to Low - Bar Stool convert

Quite a while ago, I found this bar stool at Goodwill for $14! At the time I bought this, I didn't have a bar!  Yeah, I'm nutty that way!  I saw, I loved, I bought~! It was just too pretty to pass up.  They only had one, and I held onto it for over a year, letting my son us it as a video game chair, (the tv was wall mounted) and it worked great for that.
Then I moved into my little condo, which does have a bar, the the bar stool is one of the shorter ones, and I have yet to have a bar that low!? Ugh!

ACT II - Idea struck!!

As I was re-arranging my condo, and trying to create an office space -(  Office Smoffice - Step 1) I remembered seeing how bloggers cut off legs of tables, dressers, and chairs - so why not?
I used a regular chair to sit at the sofa table that is going to be my desk, to make sure I had the right height for my legs to go under comfortably and my knees not hit every time, and measured it from seat top to floor.
I used this measurement to mark on my bar stool where I needed to cut off the legs.  I included the seat cushion, otherwise it will be too tall.

When I was marking each leg, I realized that on the front two, I was going to be cutting right into on of the horizontal supports, so I decided that I would cut above it, and this would make the chair a little lower than planned, but that way someone with bigger legs could still fit under the desk/table. So even things planned and measured have to be improvised.

I used a cheap hacksaw to cut the legs off - keeping it straight so I didn't have wobbly legs and uneven bottoms. (he he - sorry that made me laugh)
It worked! The chair is still stable, due to it's shortness. I tightened up the screws and now it's ready to paint and maybe re-cover the seat.

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  1. Cute chair. Great idea to shorten legs!!!

    1. Thank you!! I try to use what I have, hate to spend money !! lol!!


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