Crazy Bug Creations - Handmade Bracelets

I have a very talented adult daughter, Mel (Melanie) who has gone through far too much for anyone her age.
She is an addict, struggling with sobriety and making her life good.
But she is pressing on, working towards improving her life and her daughter's.
She doesn't give herself enough credit, so I am!
(that's what Mama's are for, right?)
 Today, I am sharing her barcelets that she makes.  I am encouraging her to get selling her creations.
These can be made in about any color combinations.
$7.00 ea - email me for orders
Merry Christmas and God Bless

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Power of Paint

In my little house, I have these plant shelf areas, I guess you call them,
in my living room.
 They are painted the same light sucking,  blah, brown that the long wall in my LR/Dining room was.

I quickly changed out the wall when we moved in http://www.junk2jewels-diy.blogspot.com/2013/06/from-drab-to-fab-just-beginning.htmland instead of participating in Black Friday, while watching Christmas movies on Netflix, 
 I dug out my oops paint, mixed up a color close to the same as the dining room wall, and FINALLY got one of the ledge areas done yesterday!  
What a difference a little paint does! 
It was a good day!
 Now the other side and it already brightens up the house!
Later, I updated my secretary unit - check it out - 

PS Never left the house that day, I'm ok with that! :)
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Secretary $1 update

I decided to change out my cabinet just a little.
I found some new shelf paper at my local $ store and spray painted the handles black, then sanded a little with steel wool,  and look at the difference!

Finally accomplished one of my BIG projects!

(Not sure what is going on with my cameras, but they are not focusing well, sorry.)
Still want to add some dim lighting in the top glassed area,
maybe an embossed designed on front of drop down door, or make it a chalk board or ?? (tutorial later when I do)
 I thought this was a secretary because of the drop down desk thingy, but actually, I was told it is probably an older liquor cabinet! circa 1950-1970
Makes sense, with the formica on the back of the drop down, to prevent liquid damage, the drop down kinda high for a desk, oh well!
 I was inspired by Suzan's Armoir http://suzyq-vintagous.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-lion-witch-wardrobe-before-after.html
I even made up my own blue/gray/lavender chalk paint from gray ooops paint!
 I decided I wanted a punch of color when I opened the doors!
Some more ooops paint in pinkish purple did the trick! (Made it chalk paint too)

DIY chaulk paint recipe
1 cup paint (my own mix of oopps, satin finish)
2 Tbl white non sanded grout
little bit of water
(mixed the grout with water, then added to paint - had to add water if it got too thick as time progressed)
Brushed and used little rollers. 2 coats.

Then I decided to add some shelf paper I had on stock (originally bought at $1 store!)
This was the first run (Pink floral) 
Was ok, but not really the look I wanted, right now,
(my family said it looked old ladyish! )

Goes to show how easily it will be to change this out at my whim!
Also, can use wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, fabric!, or stenciling!  
Close up of distress and antiquing - little bit of inside pink popping out.
For the Antiquing and Distressing: I bought some SC Johnson paste wax, (it's softer than the Minwax I usually use, and sorry, but cheaper than others - does smell, and need to have good ventilation when using it!)  scooped some in a little container, tinted it with some of my black acrylic paint, and brushed it on, wiped, and then sanded lightly.

5-21-2013 Ok, it's not what you think.  But this ugly, albatross of a secretary is in need of a lot of beautification, so I have finally started on it.

I'm wasn't sure what I really wanted to do to it, so I started with priming it.
Did not prime any more of it, before using my own DIY chalk paint.

But, hey for $20 this baby is gonna turn in to a Beauty!

Hugs & Smiles, T

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French chair makeover

If you have been following me at all, you might remember I have two of these French Louis XV chairs.
I reupholstered one last year. (still need to finish the arms and back, argh)

I wanted to do something unique with the second one.
Sorry, blurry, it was late, and I have already taken the black arm fabric off, so no retakes yet.

I had the French print for a while, and paid quite a bit for it, but was "saving" it for something special. . . decided this chair was it!
I didn't have enough to do the whole chair in the print, and even though I could do the back in something else, I really wanted something different.
I stumbled over this black striped, soft burlapy fabric at Walmart, of all places, for $2.00yd!
It's simple rustic beauty spoke to me!
I KNEW the perfect use for it AND finally for my beloved French print would be on this 
Gorgeous Louis XV chair
(These chairs were purchased for more than $1200/ea back in the 1990's by my friend)
She was going to ask me to take them to Goodwill,
BUT I asked if I could have them!
Score ME!!! 
She saw this one today and LOVES it!!
This is it now.  The lighter arms
So, anyhow, here are my thoughts.  I still have to add cording along the arm pieces.  I could do them in the black to set off the print on the arms.  OR, I could do them opposite - dark arms, light cording.
OR, yet, I could do the cording to match each respective arm fabric . . .
decisions, decisions . . . (I'll post tutorial soon)


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Jennifer Rizzo

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Mirror makeover

I have a client who never liked these mirrors.
I started painted the scroll work - see the ugly orange/black/gold . . . very dated.
The faux finish was a bit too orange dark and dated.
These are each about 4 feet long from end to end
First run . . . 
So, I sprayed three different colors of gold randomly, to match the candle holders.

Looks a little better, but she decided she didn't want them period.

So, now I'm going to make them Shabby!
Taped up the mirror part.
Sprayed with a primer.
Then Sprayed with a black semi-gloss for my base.
Next, I will use either wax or vaseline method to do the distressing,
then spray with my topcoat of either white or maybe blue . . . hmmm
I gotta run to work now, and will hopefully finish these tonight!
Hugs & Smiles,

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We had fun trick or treating, carving pumpkins, baking, and making our house spooky!
Just wanted to share with you all~
Halloween 2013
We had a fun time doing up our house and got lots of goodies!

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Sliding door cover up

Since I'm renting my house, I really didn't want to take down the vertical blinds on my patio door, but I did want to add some texture and pretty them up.
The trick was to be able to mount the new rod far enough away from the wall/blinds so when they are opened, the curtains could still be pulled over them.
NEED to leave room to open and close blinds

I'm not gonna lie - It took me two failed attempts, 8 hours off and on, and some cursing before I finally got them up and looking good!
Be gentle, cuz you can see my patio with some projects on it, not all pretty like in a magazine.

Here's the skinny:
Got the curtains on clearance at Walmart for $5/each, had bought the corbels long ago from Goodwill for $5/set, and the closet rod a long time ago, from Home depot (couldn't have cost much, as I'm a cheapskate!)

I'll share my mistakes AFTER I share what finally worked, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. Whew!

So, what worked:

Painted the bracket the wall color
$4.00 for 4
1. Two "L" brackets for each side. I mounted one on the wall, using anchors to carry the weight.
2. Cut a small piece of scrap lumber to fit on the other bracket (This is to mock the wall for the cornice to attach to) - I then screwed this piece of wood onto this second bracket.
3.  Measured and screwed in a screw onto the wood piece to where I wanted the corbel to be.
4.  Bolted the bracket with the wood piece onto the one already mounted onto the wall, using a locking washer, nut and bolt.
5.  Hung the corbel onto the screw that is on the block (this acts as the wall, being brought out 3 inches).
Make sense?
 I still want to figure out a way to hide the sides - like maybe some cool scroll shelf bracket just to mount on the end ? . . . 

  FAILED ATTEMPTS:  Now, I tried using the two "L"brackets bolted together in a U shape, and then used liquid nails to attach one arm to the corbel, but even after 20+ hours, the liquid nails did not hold to the plastic corbel - 
this might have been great they were made of WOOD.
THIS DID NOT work with the liquid nails (doesn't work good on plastic (it even says so, but hey, I had to try))
NO NO NO - No liquid nails on plastic
I also tried screwing directly INTO the corbels, BUT being that they are plastic, they are hollow inside and were not holding at all. 

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Halloween's a comin!

I WISH so much I could blog EVERYDAY.
 I ENVY those of you who can be full time bloggers! 
My day will come . . .
But until then, I'm busy with life, family and making our home all comfy.
Here's what my lil grandson and I have been up to - Yes, it took us HOURS!  
So worth it!

We spray painted cardboard boxes,
then decorated with self stick foam pieces for the eyes, teeth and claws!
I think we are gonna try some more with cutting out the eyes and teeth and such from black poster board,
then back it with colored tissue paper.
Ours looks good at night (I'll have to take a picture tonight)
but think the other will "glow" more!
Next, we are doing this bat attack!
Yup, I bought a yard of black felt and we will be having a cutting party!
Country Living

And, we are making up potions!

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Sweet Smokey BBQ Sauce Recipe

I just concocted the best bomb diggity, bbq sauce EVER!!
Here it is on my "Recipes" page!
My Recipes

Yup, a pat on my own back, if I do say so myself!

Now to just remember what I did and then I'll share.
First time to devour, then share!
Here it is on my "Recipes" page!
My Recipes

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Vignettes - Setting the Scene

It's been a long time since I have had a house that I can possibly display 
ALL of my collections!
Painting is from my mother, she is an artist.

Yesterday I started working on making vignetts on the top of my kitchen cabinets.
Seriously, what great display space!
These are really cool vases that I found at Goodwill (Homegoods price tag was still on them $30 ea, I paid $5))
Silver tea set was from my son when he was little (frog has always been included to "fun" it up.

I've seen this done at friends and family, and procrastinated long enough.
Gathered up all my baskets to display here until I need one

Mostly, worried about it being or looking cluttered.
Love my Italian, Tuscany feel (yup 1/4 Italian I yam! )

I think I like it -

It's coming around.

Each vignette has things in it that have sentimental value, or I just really like.

I'm sure I will tweek and change it often, but for now, it's nice to have my 
unpacked,  and showing off!

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