No cost makeover ideas

I have caught this nasty flu going around, and am pretty wiped out.  
But it does give me a little time (laying in bed) to surf the web.
Sometimes we just can't do a major change in our decor, but adding a little change can be all it takes.  
So, take a looksie at these sites and see if you find anything that inspires you - 

I would love to know what you take from this and use in your way.
Maybe I should host a party of "No cost" ideas, using what you have! hmmm

Here's some ideas I found previously, so check them out too:

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Iron & Wood

I have this piece I bought at a yard sale this summer for $10 - I LOVE metal pieces and especially when mixed with wood.
It's really neat as is, but I am thinking that the metal would show up so much better if the wood frame was lightened up . . . hmmmm
I have taken it apart, and today I'm going to put a white wash of chalk paint on it.

Once I took it apart, (a ton of screws) the iron piece alone was gorgeous! 
let's see what it looks like when I white wash it . . .

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Ahoy! Tiny Bathroom Tidied

Here is my daughter's little bathroom that I finally got some things hung up and organized.
Nothing special, just used things I already had, and made it cozy and neat.
I did this in one day, last Friday, unpacking from our move 8 mos ago!!
AFTER - View from door
AFTER - Trying to hide the electrical panel
EVERYTHING in this bathroom was bought at yard sales, discount sales, or thrift stores for super cheap.
Nothing was bought new or more than $10ea.

Organizing ideas  used:
 A nautical tapestry to cover the electrical panel.
 A broken towel bar bracket to hang the clock - HA!!
 White wicker basket shelf holds makeup.

This is a little peg hanger I had, and hung it on the drywall above the shower surround to hang wash clothes, back brush, food brush, bathing suits, etc.
Wine rack used to store hand towels.
TP holder hides feminine hygiene products.

On the bench is a white milk glass bowl for hair bands.
A basket on bottom shelf hold curling irons & hand mirror.
The Lighthouse shelf holds decor, relaxing CD's & books to read while soaking in tub.

AFTER - This little bench, and light house shelf added much needed storage

The seashell next to sink holds a bar of soap.
The little shelf above the toilet holds nail polish.

Remember, I lease this little condo, so I really don't want to paint walls or cabinets.
If we stay longer, I just might.
This is a great example of making due with what you have
and adding some character in a rental.
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Working with what you have. Part 2

This is a follow up of my previous post,
Working with what you have, and making it Great!

Since I work weekends, Thursdays are like everyone else's Saturdays for me.
So, I'm usually in a little bit o' panic to get TONS done!
Whew!  Ok, I can breathe now . . . 
Here's what I got done yesterday:

  #1 Living Room Re-Arranged (Again):

 Got the living room of our little condo re-arranged and it feels good. 

I know it looks like a lot of furniture, 
It is where we literally live, eat, work, study, etc.
So, it has to be seriously
Multi-functional (& PRETTY (my idea)).

#2 - DIY Sofa Table:

This "sofa table" I threw together from pillars I had out on my patio, (need to be painted - again) and some 2x6 boards.  I wanted to pull some furniture away from the wall, and this worked.  PLUS, I love the mixing of textures!!

In putting this DIY sofa table against a wall, behind a couch, it created a little bit of an alcove on each side further down along the wall.  THIS is where I pushed my desk back, and swung the book case against the far wall, and it gives my room some depth.  I like it!!

Now I will start painting, accessorizing, and recovering.
There are still a few pieces I will probably move out of here and into my bedroom,

#3 Office Camo:

 Moving the office area AGAIN, and pulled out this plastic organizer I wanted to use, but didn't want it to look so office-y.  So, I cut some shelf paper I had to fit the front of the drawers, and try to camouflage it.  For now, it works. I was going to move the printer, but THIS is my office area, and I want it practical too.

#4  - No Fireplace, No Problem:

I AM determined to build my own faux fireplace, SOON, as I have been collecting 50 cent scrap pieces of lumber from Home Depot, 
but for now, I put this candle screen in front of my big mirror, 
and can't wait for night time so I can light the candles!
(All Goodwill finds)

Sharing with:
The Thrifty Home
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Chic 2 Shabby

In keeping with my "Lightening & Brightening" of my living room, last night,  I painted the frame on this picture a "Summer Sunset" color.
I had picked this picture up years ago at a yard sale for $5 I think.
Since,  I have a LOT of black in my decor now,  I'm repainting most white or a lighter color.
 I thought that the orangish color on the postage part of this picture would be a great color for the frame and a fun accent color to my living room.   
I think it worked out great! ~ what do you think?

PS - I NEED a new camera, sorry about the poor quality 

 I used the vaseline/petroleum method to distress: Here's how I did it:
1. I didn't even primer the original frame, cuz I wanted the black to be my base and show through.
2. Wiped vaseline along edges, corners and anywhere I wanted, using my finger.
3. Used a little sponge brush to apply paint.
4. Let dry
5. Used a dry paper towel and wiped the frame, and this is how the paint over the vaseline came right off.
I used the same basic technique I did on my "Shabby 2 no End" table here: Easy Vaseline/Petroleum distress

I had to crop a bigger picture to find a "Before" - but it gives you an idea:

Shown at these parties!

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Shabby 2 No End!

UPDATED: 6-25-14
Even cuter, if that is possible for this little table!!

Wow! This little table has morphed into an adorable little shabby piece of love!
Honestly, I hadn't really liked extreme distressing, but after having this little piece around for a couple of months now - I'm LOVING it!
I think I will do one of my end tables the same, but using some homemade DIY chalk paint!

Goes to show that mixing it up a bit is WONDERFUL!

I picked it up at Goodwill!- ugly, old fashioned, but I needed furniture.

I lightly sanded it to remove the shiny finish.
Sprayed primered.
Over the next week, I sanded, primered, re-primered, painted, stenciled, re-painted this little table
THREE times!  Yup, I just wasn't "Feelin" it.
Then . . . 
I was inspired!
While loading a load of laundy, I glanced over and on my shelf were a bunch of hooksI had.
This is my first time doing this method, so I was nervous and excited!

I've seen quite a few tutorials on the vaseline method, and the one that got me spurred to DO IT, was at 
Ok, I know you want to get to the juicy stuff, so here is the tutorial on the Shabby piece de' resistance!
I've also put the photos at the end of this post of all the other stages, so you can see that it's OK,
FINE, DANDY, COOL, No-BIGGIE to change and re-change your mind until you get that
"That's it!", feeling!
It's only paint, right!
Step #! - disassembled/sanded
Step #2 - paint edges/distressed spots

#1 - took the table apart this time & lightly
sanded all the pieces

#2 - Spray painted the edges black (color to show through the distressing) - This is where I knew I was going to sand down to let the black show through the top coat.
#3 - Once the black paint was dry, then I started wiping petroleum (vaseline) jelly along the edges, some thin, some globed, and even some smears along the center. Be CAREFUL - this is where the top coat will NOT adhere, so you can go a little crazy and end up with too much distressing - just a matter of personal taste.

Tip: I also tried using a Q-tip, small paint brush, and tooth pick to apply the jelly on some areas, so there was a variety of distressed size/shape.

#4 Painted everything my top color (white) I did this with a brush - just didn't put alot of pressure while brushing, and it didn't effect the jelly at all. (I was afraid it might smear it, but it didn't).  I painted 2 coats, letting it dry in between.

FUN #5 - Fun part! Took a medium (150 grit) sanding sponge and started sanding!  It was actually fun to watch the paint over the vaseline just fall right off!  
#6 applied a coat of Minwax furniture wax - (for light wood)

and Viola'!

I usually don't care for a lot of distressing, but I LOVE this little table and am starting to distress more,
and more - and not stressing over it!
Enjoy, and go for it!
It's only paint!


Thought it would be interesting to show you the stages this little table went through. . .

Featured here:

Power of Paint

Showing this off here:
I have many more to put on here - and just might have to do it with text links - so appreciative of your support, and don't want to forget anyone!!
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Trashy? - Not me!

Ever have a dank, stinky smell under your sink where your trash is?
I did the other day, and could not find anything, so I grabbed an extra car freshener I had, and hung it on my trash bag!  It worked!!

For $1.00 I figured out a way to fold my grocery/shopping bags, in such a way, that they would fit perfectly into one of these little plastic bins and slide under my kitchen sink - Just press out all the air first, lay them out and fold as shown - Now when we come home from a shopping trip, it's my daughter's job to fold these, and she actually doesn't whine about it! Perfect!

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Little bit o' Glam!

I ran out to get some ideas for some shelves I am building to Home Depot, and had to run to the grocery store also, and LOOK what I GOT for about $35!
Yup!  I am as excited as a fox in a hen house!!!I
I am going to use them for everyday decor, and give my new beachy, shabby, cottage look, some bling!!

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Gettin Real!

Bring it on 2013!

I just read a blog that will be one of my fav's for inspiration - and her post had nothing to do with DIYing, rather life and blogging!  Thank you Stacy, dark-side-of-blogging at!
Don't get me wrong, I have found MANY great, inspiring bloggers out there in my 5 months of blogging, but today I feel like it was a blessing that I stumbled over Stacy's!  I needed to read what she had to say - kinda neat how inspiration works that way!

DO you ever feel like you have so much you need and WANT to do, but you don't know where to start?!  Well I do ALL the time!

 I started blogging after being so inspired and excited to see all that I could learn and share.  It was summer break from school, and I started with a gusto!  Soon, school started, and it became a struggle for me to keep up with the blogs that I constantly compared myself too - Even now, I think, "wow, they have been blogging only a little longer, and look how professional their blogs are, they get to be on tv, featured in magazines, etc."

Yup, I get jealous, and have to re-group my thoughts and get back to my own real life.  
I also found that I was procrastinating starting a project that I had had in my mind for years, out of fear of failure, or that I couldn't decide exactly what color, style, or that I might find a better idea later.  Yuk!!  That was another reason why I started blogging.  I felt it would push me to finish projects, make a commitment to myself and eventually be very rewarding.  To be honest, it has.  I don't consider myself any more talented or creative than anyone else.  I just see things the way I do, and sometimes I need a kick in the pants to go outside my little box or comfort mode and just go for it!  That's what I'm pushing myself this year to do!  
I mean, what's the big deal if I paint something and hate it? Duh, repaint it!  I have shown that in my Shabby to no end post.  I painted that table 3 times!!  And I shared that!  I love when I see real people make mistakes, or change their minds.  I love that other women re-arrange their homes as much as I do, that we have bad days and good days.
So, guess what I'm saying, is that I have been afraid at times to be too real, out of fear of rejection again (old divorce wound) or not being liked, but Gosh darn it, I'm a great lady!  I'm funny, talented, compassionate, honest, kind, and yeah, talented in some things!  I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, sharing all I can, learning all I can, and moving forward day by day.  I am deeply spiritual and kinda private that way, but I do believe that when we are doing things for the "right" reason, keeping our priorities in line, and living good, even if seemingly boring, normal and poor, it all works out in the end, and happiness, success and satisfaction can be found along the way.
My house is a DISASTER after family, Christmas, finals, blah, blah, blah - so I'm exposing it to you to show you that if I can do some of this stuff, YOU definately can!!  Yeah, and I love your support and encouragement!  Who doesn't!!  Thank you for that by the way!  I have opened doors to great friendships, inspiration and more just from starting this blog and I am eternally grateful for it all!

Guess this is a kinda journal of my DIY project, making my home MINE, and sharing thoughts along the way - I hope to make many many new friends, inspire some, and if EVER you have a question, comment or just whatever, I'm here!
I'm a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, granddaughter, taxi driver, breadwinner, friend, student, LDS, NAR Anon member, sinner, saint, comedian and whatever hat is thrown at me at any given time! I wish you all the greatest of success in this life and my prayers, thoughts and love are with you!
Here's my PROJECT today!!  
Get stuff to storage and organize so I can start painting and finish my chairs! 
YAY Me!!  LOL!!

Hugs & Smiles,
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