No cost makeover ideas

I have caught this nasty flu going around, and am pretty wiped out.  
But it does give me a little time (laying in bed) to surf the web.
Sometimes we just can't do a major change in our decor, but adding a little change can be all it takes.  
So, take a looksie at these sites and see if you find anything that inspires you - 

I would love to know what you take from this and use in your way.
Maybe I should host a party of "No cost" ideas, using what you have! hmmm

Here's some ideas I found previously, so check them out too:

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  1. Hi Thereas,
    Love the bed frame!!! Sorry you have the flu. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Hope your feeling better soon:)

  2. These are some great ideas..followed ya.


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