Chic 2 Shabby

In keeping with my "Lightening & Brightening" of my living room, last night,  I painted the frame on this picture a "Summer Sunset" color.
I had picked this picture up years ago at a yard sale for $5 I think.
Since,  I have a LOT of black in my decor now,  I'm repainting most white or a lighter color.
 I thought that the orangish color on the postage part of this picture would be a great color for the frame and a fun accent color to my living room.   
I think it worked out great! ~ what do you think?

PS - I NEED a new camera, sorry about the poor quality 

 I used the vaseline/petroleum method to distress: Here's how I did it:
1. I didn't even primer the original frame, cuz I wanted the black to be my base and show through.
2. Wiped vaseline along edges, corners and anywhere I wanted, using my finger.
3. Used a little sponge brush to apply paint.
4. Let dry
5. Used a dry paper towel and wiped the frame, and this is how the paint over the vaseline came right off.
I used the same basic technique I did on my "Shabby 2 no End" table here: Easy Vaseline/Petroleum distress

I had to crop a bigger picture to find a "Before" - but it gives you an idea:

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  1. what a huge difference a little change in color can make- wow!!

    1. Thank you Jodi!! It is neat how color can do wonders!! Love your comments!!


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