Ahoy! Tiny Bathroom Tidied

Here is my daughter's little bathroom that I finally got some things hung up and organized.
Nothing special, just used things I already had, and made it cozy and neat.
I did this in one day, last Friday, unpacking from our move 8 mos ago!!
AFTER - View from door
AFTER - Trying to hide the electrical panel
EVERYTHING in this bathroom was bought at yard sales, discount sales, or thrift stores for super cheap.
Nothing was bought new or more than $10ea.

Organizing ideas  used:
 A nautical tapestry to cover the electrical panel.
 A broken towel bar bracket to hang the clock - HA!!
 White wicker basket shelf holds makeup.

This is a little peg hanger I had, and hung it on the drywall above the shower surround to hang wash clothes, back brush, food brush, bathing suits, etc.
Wine rack used to store hand towels.
TP holder hides feminine hygiene products.

On the bench is a white milk glass bowl for hair bands.
A basket on bottom shelf hold curling irons & hand mirror.
The Lighthouse shelf holds decor, relaxing CD's & books to read while soaking in tub.

AFTER - This little bench, and light house shelf added much needed storage

The seashell next to sink holds a bar of soap.
The little shelf above the toilet holds nail polish.

Remember, I lease this little condo, so I really don't want to paint walls or cabinets.
If we stay longer, I just might.
This is a great example of making due with what you have
and adding some character in a rental.
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  1. It's absolutely adorable...I have some beach photos with ships if you need any! Cute cute bathroom!

  2. Heck ya!! I have seen your pictures, and they are beautiful!! Message me sissy, Love ya

  3. Oh - very, very nice. I need to work on my two upstairs bathroom!! You have given me inspiration!


  4. Love the clock. New follower. Come check out my blog when you have a minute at

    1. Thank you! I will - I think I have, but I will double check and make sure !

  5. Very cute! Love all the thrifty finds! I'm a new follower and would love for your to stop by when you have a sec! Blessings, Tammy

    1. I have and left you a comment!! Love your back yard and blog!! Hugs, Theresa


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