Working with what you have. Part 2

This is a follow up of my previous post,
Working with what you have, and making it Great!

Since I work weekends, Thursdays are like everyone else's Saturdays for me.
So, I'm usually in a little bit o' panic to get TONS done!
Whew!  Ok, I can breathe now . . . 
Here's what I got done yesterday:

  #1 Living Room Re-Arranged (Again):

 Got the living room of our little condo re-arranged and it feels good. 

I know it looks like a lot of furniture, 
It is where we literally live, eat, work, study, etc.
So, it has to be seriously
Multi-functional (& PRETTY (my idea)).

#2 - DIY Sofa Table:

This "sofa table" I threw together from pillars I had out on my patio, (need to be painted - again) and some 2x6 boards.  I wanted to pull some furniture away from the wall, and this worked.  PLUS, I love the mixing of textures!!

In putting this DIY sofa table against a wall, behind a couch, it created a little bit of an alcove on each side further down along the wall.  THIS is where I pushed my desk back, and swung the book case against the far wall, and it gives my room some depth.  I like it!!

Now I will start painting, accessorizing, and recovering.
There are still a few pieces I will probably move out of here and into my bedroom,

#3 Office Camo:

 Moving the office area AGAIN, and pulled out this plastic organizer I wanted to use, but didn't want it to look so office-y.  So, I cut some shelf paper I had to fit the front of the drawers, and try to camouflage it.  For now, it works. I was going to move the printer, but THIS is my office area, and I want it practical too.

#4  - No Fireplace, No Problem:

I AM determined to build my own faux fireplace, SOON, as I have been collecting 50 cent scrap pieces of lumber from Home Depot, 
but for now, I put this candle screen in front of my big mirror, 
and can't wait for night time so I can light the candles!
(All Goodwill finds)

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  1. some fun ideas to make "old" to "new" (looking) :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the table behind the sofa. Great place for photos, candle, lamps ect.:)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I just need to get some pretty stuff on it now! thanks for commenting!

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