Finding joy, again.

Finding my joy again!

My grandbabies - artists run in the family!
So, I started my blog back in August all gun ho, and then I got sick, got back to school, work, and life.  I admit, that I was idealistic in thinking I could commit to a project a week or so, but honestly, I don't always have the time, nor the project!  Other than DIY projects, I love to cook, garden, and sew clothes, and I haven't been able to do those either, but I'm working my way back.  Plus, I put myself in this kinda competitive mode, and I don't like that.  Sure, I would love to have a ton of followers, tv appearances, radio, sponsors, and all that cool stuff, but I also have to be realistic.  I am a single hands on mom, a grandma that tends these beautiful babies, I do home care for elderly and disabled people, and am a full time student finishing my Associates of Science, to get into a nursing program . . . and did i mention that I just turned 50 this year!! YIKES!  Yeah, that's kinda crazy for me to admit, but I need to be proud of what my life has brought thus far!
Family - my greatest joy!
I want to start fresh for this second half of my life, and fine tune the things that I have brought this far.  I really got depressed when I turned 50.  I felt like I had been cheated.  And in a lot of ways, I have, but it's time to get over it all and appreciate where I am right now.  My years of life have given me wisdom, compassion, knowledge, foresight, hindsight, abilities and talents that I didn't even know I had.
My art gallery - by 2 yr old and 4 yr old!
I've been the cute little soccer mom, Sunday school teacher, car pool mom, room mother, etc., and that was all great.  Now it's time for me to shine in my new roles, as a mature, confident, fun, woman!  There are still things I love to do, as my DIY projects, sewing, cooking, gardening, traveling, etc., but I think I'm going to step it up to another dimension.  It's kinda cool coming into my own in this second half of life.  Embracing my joys, and letting go of the disappointments seems to be the cure!  So, on with finding new joys in my life, and I hope you do too!
Don't worry, I'm not giving up on my DIY stuff, as it's one of my greatest joys.  Just going to fine tune my projects, time management and live life to the fullest!  I hope you will join me and jump in at any time!
Hugs &  Smiles,
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  2. Hi Theresa - you will do great. 50 is not that bad, and as you have decided, it's a brand new start for you. You are doing the right things so far and it's ok to challenge yourself. It's tough to do a project a week -. So auberges do some small ones!

    I have been neglecting my blog these past few weeks and I have to return to it. When I am not working on clients homes, I have time for the blog. When I am knee deep in work, like I am now - ts tough. But I have to find the time!


  3. Great post!!!! I turned 50 this year too!!!! I'm with ya sista, it's been tough!
    Blogging is a bit like homework, but I love them! It's like great free magazines to read, all different, all awesome, so much inspiration, so many positive people! Thanks for coming back:)

    1. Yes, you are so right! I get inspired all the time and it's wonderful! Thanks for your warm welcome back!


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