I'm baaaack!

Well, Hello, Hello!
I have been out of commission for almost a month, sick, family emergencies, and just life!
But's it's all good, as it could always be worse. 
Most importantly, I have my g'babies for almost 2 whole weeks! - lovin life

I did get stuff done, though, I did a "while you were out" to my daugther's bedroom, (it's messy again now, but I'll take pics this afternoon)

I rearranged my dinning room AGAIN! More like my office now - pics coming

Bought a book case at the grocery store, for $60!  Yeah, crazy!
A few days ago, my kids took me to Hobby Lobby for my birthday! YEAH, I know huh?! I picked out a Shoji screen, as I have 3 sliding glass doors in my condo, and I need privacy, (plus, who doesn't think screens are aaaawesome! I love it so much, that now I want to go buy one for EVERY one of my sliding doors - Come on tax refund!  haha!

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