Whose the parent here?

Home shopping:
 No, I'm not shopping from home, well maybe that's not completely true.
I have decided not to renew my lease on my condo and am searching for a small, cute house!
Yesterday I found the one I want!  

Crazy thing is, my 17 yr old daughter, said to me on the way home, 
"Now Mom, I don't mean to be rude, but can you not go to Goodwill or garage sales so much and not get more stuff?  We have enough!"
HAHA! Oh my sweet child (whose room is TOTALLY stuffed, let me say!)

Well, my dear, that is not something I can promise.
BUT, fear not!
 I can promise this:
If I find something I can't live without, other than what is on my wish list, 
I will get rid of something of equal size that I don't care as much for!
AND . . .There's a catch!

It goes BOTH ways!
She agreed!
How's that for negotiating with a teenager!!?

So, we put in our application, keeping a positive mindset and prayer in our hearts
Planning on moving in 2 weeks!!

THAT is a great beginning of the Blessed EASTER weekend!

Hugs & Smiles,
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  1. Aren't teenagers the best?! I'm surprised she went along with that lol. I hope things come together for you on the house:)

    1. Yes, they are a handful, but how boring would our lives be without them! Well, she thinks her room is just fine, so we shall see .. . Thank you and I hope so too! Keeping it positive! Thanks for your message.


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