Let the Fun Begin!

After a week of moving everything to the new house, 25 miles from the old, little condo, we are finally ready to start unpacking and setting up!
I'm excited to play around with the arrangements, and am going to look at some of my favorite blogs to get some ideas.
It felt really nice to wake up yesterday and be able to spread my wings and feel like I could be a mom and g'ma again, and cook in a decent size kitchen, watch my g'son play in the backyard, and know I have places to work on my projects.
Very grateful for all my blessings!
Now, it's time to let the fun begin and arrange, re-arrange, and maybe re-re arrange!
Living room/kitchen/dining room
Feel free to give me ideas!!!  Yes, I need them!!  
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Moving into a HOUSE!!

My family and I are moving from our cute condo into a house! 
I am so excited!
It is time.
It puts us a little bit of a commute into the city, but it's worth it to me.
We get to have a lot more house for our money, live in the desert burbs, get rid of my storage units, have a garage, a nice big yard, big kitchen and privacy, all in a great neighborhood!
Now, I'm looking over backyard ideas for outdoor living.
Here in AZ it will get VERY HOT over the next few months, but we still love to BBQ, and be outside, so I'm making it my mission to figure out some great outdoor ideas.
Here's some of my favorites that I found on a google search, and will mix and match something from each of these! 

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