If at first you don't succeed . . . keep workin it!

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Last week I painted my accent wall from brown to a pretty coastal light blue.  
After living with it for a week, I decided I wanted it more grey and toned down.
So, I added some grey and white paint to my already concoction and started re-painting today!
So far, I love it!!  Yup, this did the job!
I still have my light, bright blue, cottage, beach feel, but just needed to  polish it up a bit.

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Summer Home Tours

With my move into a new house &
Summer here,
It's time to get inspired!

Beth, over at home stories has compiled a fantastic home tour of other bloggers, 
I'll see you there!

Ok, this is just awesome!  A swinging bench made from a door! Gotta make one, maybe for inside!
My Living room NOW! In progress . . . 
Shot of Living room/Dining room in progress
My home is a fresh start, as we just moved in 6 weeks ago,
and I'm finally getting to finish unpacking and deciding what to do for each room!
I've been pouring through pinterest, google search, and blogs for ideas and inspiration.

Rooms are in progress, messy, still unpacking, so don't judge me! 
 Just relate!!  :)

My living room in progress


Inspiration - definitely doing the slip covers!

 I love my cheap hutch! (Right) $5
It's not the best quality of furniture, and it needs some TLC, but I see great potential! 

So much inspiration, I am probably going to take something from each one of the ones shown here! 

  I just finished painting the dining nook.Check out the before here!!

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From drab to fab - just the beginning . . .

We have been in our new house now for about 6 weeks, and STILL unpacking and getting things organized!
I have started a few projects, but today I got up and just kept looking at the poo poo brown wall that runs the entire length of my living room and kitchen, and decided I had to do something about it TODAY!!!
Dining nook - BEFORE
So, I ran to Home Depot, found several cans of "oops" paint, and came home to mix up my own version of Robins eggs blue.  
I came out a little darker and brighter than I had planned, but I LOVE it!!  
Dining nook - DURING
It's the beginning of my lightening up my decor and truly getting it closer to the beachy, cottage, shabby chic feel I have wanted for years, but was too chicken!  
So, here are pictures of what I accomplished today:

Dining nook - AFTER

 My inspiration:

Keep watching for more improvements!!
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