Big Beauty!

Isn't she Gorgeous?!!!
This is the craigslist pic, but when I got there is was pretty scratched up and anot all wood, like he said. ARGH!!
I found this for my day job client, and she loves it!
I wanted to do all kinds of things to it, but she loves it as is!
So, all I had to do was clean it up,
run some stain crayons over the scratches (had a few)
paint that center white strip (not sure what the heck it's purpose is)
and get some new knobs that are missing.
Here is how it looks for now:

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  1. I would definitely have painted it somehow Theresa, but the customer is always right... right? Even when they're wrong. lol. Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog. I'm happily following you back!
    Tuula :)


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