From drab to fab - just the beginning . . .

We have been in our new house now for about 6 weeks, and STILL unpacking and getting things organized!
I have started a few projects, but today I got up and just kept looking at the poo poo brown wall that runs the entire length of my living room and kitchen, and decided I had to do something about it TODAY!!!
Dining nook - BEFORE
So, I ran to Home Depot, found several cans of "oops" paint, and came home to mix up my own version of Robins eggs blue.  
I came out a little darker and brighter than I had planned, but I LOVE it!!  
Dining nook - DURING
It's the beginning of my lightening up my decor and truly getting it closer to the beachy, cottage, shabby chic feel I have wanted for years, but was too chicken!  
So, here are pictures of what I accomplished today:

Dining nook - AFTER

 My inspiration:

Keep watching for more improvements!!
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