Airing my laundry (room)

My laundry room is more of a utility room.
Living in AZ, I have to keep paints indoors during summer.
3 new shelves were installed.
Used scrap wood 1x1's for the supports.
Screwed everything.  Caulked edges of shelves to wall.
Not the prettiest, but totally FUNCTIONAL and organized!
Feels GREAT to actually know where something is, rather than having to scavenge as usual!
Being organized is almost as good as . . . . .! ;)
Used things I had to keep like items together
and easily found
Idea was to keep as much of same things together.
Used every bit of wall space too!
I had all these plastic coated shelve thingys and hung them.
Even hung some inside, above the door for things not used every day.

$35 budget - used all oops paint, that I mixed up to my liking, and bought 2-closet shelves @$10/ea.
Everything else I had packed away.
(the hanging black baskets were originally from Ikea $4/ea I think)

FINALLY, mixed up a light grey for the walls and
white tinted with grey for the shelves

This is my AFTER (painted)
and yet my "BEFORE" (before loaded up with all my "stuff")
Let's be honest, no disrespect; I would love to have one of those pretty,  decorative laundry rooms, but in my real world, I need CHEAP indoor storage and functionality! 
Plus, this is a leased house, so nothing real permanent, other than the shelves which will benefit the next tenant.

So,  I will go scavenge my garage for bins, baskets, apple crates, bottles, and such to use to store all that I want to keep in here.
More later today!
I'm determined to finish this room/closet/space

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Getting Dirty - Laundry room

I started organizing my garage yesterday, and in doing so, I got all of my "stuff" organized into sections.
I didn't realize I had so much awesome decorating "stuff"!  Yay me!!
So, I wanted to bring in some of my paints and store them in the laundry room, as the heat here in AZ during the next few months can average 90 but most likely 105 degrees.
But my laundry room only had one shelf, and of course after I mounted one shelf, I needed to paint it!!
Here is the before, but after of me installing another shelf. (yeah, I know, my supports aren't even, but hey, I was so anxious to get this DONE, (I'll just paint them the wall color to hide them)
This is it right now, after midnight last night, four colors later, and still not sure! ARGH!
Here you can see all the different colors I tried. 
I think I'm leaning towards the light grey.
Kinda wanted a warm buttery yellow, but hmmm maybe I'll try one more time to mix up some.  Or a soft green . . . See, I admit, I'm indecisive!! Oh well, it's only paint, right!
Tune in later today, and I will show what I finally ended up with.  (hopefully I can decide)
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From Redrum to Awesome!! - Master bedroom

This is super exciting to me!
I rent this house, and the colors of the accent walls they had are just plain ugly!
I already have re-done the LR/kitchen wall as posted prior and it has made the whole house feel bright and cheerful.
Now to attack this scary red wall in my master bedroom!
Now at first glance, it could be elegant and different.
But as time went on, it felt morbid, dark and sinister to me! Yeah, it's true!  
Color can make all the difference!
Did you know sometimes you can have "ooops" paint tinted for you - for FREE?!
Yeah!  Awesome!
So, I bought this hideous lime green ooops paint, and the sweet, cute hardware store guy (my bf) told me to pick out whatever color I wanted and he would fix it!
So, I picked Behr Yacht Harbor (PMD-14) and it was perfect!!!
No priming, one coat and it looks fantastic! On my way to that Beachy, cottage, shabby chic I've been working towards!
Don't mind the mess - life is crazy, and yeah, I squeeze in painting whenever I can.  
Now, the room feels inviting, warm and fresh!
I even sleep better - I'm convinced the color change is the solution!
 Most everything in my room has come from yard sales, Goodwill,  or a gift.
  I have big ideas in store for this sanctuary.  
As usual, especially us females, tend to let the Master bedroom go until last, and most times I end up moving before being able to have it all pretty. 
 NOT this time!!
I am on my way to getting the look I want.
 Lots of projects to come - painting, upholstering, sewing, decorating . . . keep an eye out, and I will share every step of the way!
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Old lady updated

A picture mirror that is, not me! Ha!!  (old lady)
I have a client that I am working with to revamp her whole house. 
She had been in a serious auto accident many years ago, and when she was finally able to go home, her children had a professional decorator come in and set up her house.  It's pretty and all (if you live in 1800's mortuary) but it's just NOT her.  So she has asked me to help her update her house and have it be more to her liking.  Softer, pastel and warm.
There are a few other things we have done already, and they are in my "Mini Projects" tab, the "Bigger Tick Tock",
Here is the latest revamp.
The before is on the LEFT - After is on the RIGHT
She HATED the before piece and actually wanted me to throw them away!
But I knew we could fix this!
The price tag was still on the back and two of these babies at $99.99 deserved some magic!
So, with a little home made chaulk paint, scrapbook paper, and a print I had found at Goodwill that she loved, I changed these prints/mirrors in less than an hour.
She loves them!


What do you think!?
Oh, yeah, the chaulk paint recipe is simple
1 cup of latex paint (any sheen)
2 TBLSP non sanded grout
Little water to mix with the grout first - then add to the paint!
No priming, no sanding, just brushed on with a brush and easy peasy!
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Life moving forward . . .

It's been a pretty long time since I have updated, but trust me, I miss my projects and sharing.
In the beginning of July, my oldest son, Ryan was in a serious car accident and was life flighted from Utah to NV, and has gone through some serious issues.
 Ryan is on the road to recovery, been a few set backs, but on the heal.  Even though I live in AZ, we keep in touch closely, but it's hard to be here and him there.  He is an adult (28) but your babies are your babies, no matter what.  Back when I got the phone call about the accident, one of my daughters and I jumped in the car and hit the road, to make the 5+ hours drive to be there for him in NV.  We stayed until he was released from ICU, and released and went to his home in UT the next day.  It's pretty hard to come home and focus back into daily life.  In one minute life can change drastically.  
Me & Ryan
I have to count my blessings and be grateful for all of this, as it can always be worse, and there is always someone else fighting their own battle too.  
That's where my projects and blogging come into my life and offer me some sort of comfort.  It's an amazing feeling to find potential in something, get inspired, and just go for it!  I'm a huge procrastinator, and indecisive to add to it.  So, I go back and forth when I have a piece and finally have to just jump in and remind myself I can always CHANGE it!! Hello Theresa!! Ha!  
I think a friend of mine it the nail on the head, when she saw that when my life had stresses, traumas, painful experiences, I went to my creative little world and accomplished things that brought a smile to my face and a sense of some sort of control in life whereas in other areas I had none.
Life is good!
So, I'm back.
I am coming upon my year anniversary of creating my blog. No where near where I wanted to be with it, but that's ok.  Life has come too.  I have much to be grateful for.  So, no apologies, just time to get back into my happy place and get moving!
I have lots of great projects in the works, some already started, (I'm ADD too, so I usually have a few things on the burners) and going to add some new tabs to my blog.  I love to sew, cook, garden, am big in natural healing, am back at college going for my nursing degree, watch my 4 yr old grandson, and just got a boyfriend after many years of resisting any relationship.  So, yeah, you should be on my merry go round with me and I hope to make you laugh, think, get inspired, and just enjoy what I share.  If in some teeny tiny way I can help put a smile on someone else's face, my job is done!
Sit back, comment, keep in touch, follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, email, where ever, but please do, and let's have fun!
Smiles and hugs, 
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