Airing my laundry (room)

My laundry room is more of a utility room.
Living in AZ, I have to keep paints indoors during summer.
3 new shelves were installed.
Used scrap wood 1x1's for the supports.
Screwed everything.  Caulked edges of shelves to wall.
Not the prettiest, but totally FUNCTIONAL and organized!
Feels GREAT to actually know where something is, rather than having to scavenge as usual!
Being organized is almost as good as . . . . .! ;)
Used things I had to keep like items together
and easily found
Idea was to keep as much of same things together.
Used every bit of wall space too!
I had all these plastic coated shelve thingys and hung them.
Even hung some inside, above the door for things not used every day.

$35 budget - used all oops paint, that I mixed up to my liking, and bought 2-closet shelves @$10/ea.
Everything else I had packed away.
(the hanging black baskets were originally from Ikea $4/ea I think)

FINALLY, mixed up a light grey for the walls and
white tinted with grey for the shelves

This is my AFTER (painted)
and yet my "BEFORE" (before loaded up with all my "stuff")
Let's be honest, no disrespect; I would love to have one of those pretty,  decorative laundry rooms, but in my real world, I need CHEAP indoor storage and functionality! 
Plus, this is a leased house, so nothing real permanent, other than the shelves which will benefit the next tenant.

So,  I will go scavenge my garage for bins, baskets, apple crates, bottles, and such to use to store all that I want to keep in here.
More later today!
I'm determined to finish this room/closet/space

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  1. I have a laundry room that is very small. We have a cabinet, but there is no organization. This has inspired me to get busy over Spring Break.


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