Getting Dirty - Laundry room

I started organizing my garage yesterday, and in doing so, I got all of my "stuff" organized into sections.
I didn't realize I had so much awesome decorating "stuff"!  Yay me!!
So, I wanted to bring in some of my paints and store them in the laundry room, as the heat here in AZ during the next few months can average 90 but most likely 105 degrees.
But my laundry room only had one shelf, and of course after I mounted one shelf, I needed to paint it!!
Here is the before, but after of me installing another shelf. (yeah, I know, my supports aren't even, but hey, I was so anxious to get this DONE, (I'll just paint them the wall color to hide them)
This is it right now, after midnight last night, four colors later, and still not sure! ARGH!
Here you can see all the different colors I tried. 
I think I'm leaning towards the light grey.
Kinda wanted a warm buttery yellow, but hmmm maybe I'll try one more time to mix up some.  Or a soft green . . . See, I admit, I'm indecisive!! Oh well, it's only paint, right!
Tune in later today, and I will show what I finally ended up with.  (hopefully I can decide)
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