Life moving forward . . .

It's been a pretty long time since I have updated, but trust me, I miss my projects and sharing.
In the beginning of July, my oldest son, Ryan was in a serious car accident and was life flighted from Utah to NV, and has gone through some serious issues.
 Ryan is on the road to recovery, been a few set backs, but on the heal.  Even though I live in AZ, we keep in touch closely, but it's hard to be here and him there.  He is an adult (28) but your babies are your babies, no matter what.  Back when I got the phone call about the accident, one of my daughters and I jumped in the car and hit the road, to make the 5+ hours drive to be there for him in NV.  We stayed until he was released from ICU, and released and went to his home in UT the next day.  It's pretty hard to come home and focus back into daily life.  In one minute life can change drastically.  
Me & Ryan
I have to count my blessings and be grateful for all of this, as it can always be worse, and there is always someone else fighting their own battle too.  
That's where my projects and blogging come into my life and offer me some sort of comfort.  It's an amazing feeling to find potential in something, get inspired, and just go for it!  I'm a huge procrastinator, and indecisive to add to it.  So, I go back and forth when I have a piece and finally have to just jump in and remind myself I can always CHANGE it!! Hello Theresa!! Ha!  
I think a friend of mine it the nail on the head, when she saw that when my life had stresses, traumas, painful experiences, I went to my creative little world and accomplished things that brought a smile to my face and a sense of some sort of control in life whereas in other areas I had none.
Life is good!
So, I'm back.
I am coming upon my year anniversary of creating my blog. No where near where I wanted to be with it, but that's ok.  Life has come too.  I have much to be grateful for.  So, no apologies, just time to get back into my happy place and get moving!
I have lots of great projects in the works, some already started, (I'm ADD too, so I usually have a few things on the burners) and going to add some new tabs to my blog.  I love to sew, cook, garden, am big in natural healing, am back at college going for my nursing degree, watch my 4 yr old grandson, and just got a boyfriend after many years of resisting any relationship.  So, yeah, you should be on my merry go round with me and I hope to make you laugh, think, get inspired, and just enjoy what I share.  If in some teeny tiny way I can help put a smile on someone else's face, my job is done!
Sit back, comment, keep in touch, follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, email, where ever, but please do, and let's have fun!
Smiles and hugs, 
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