Halloween's a comin!

I WISH so much I could blog EVERYDAY.
 I ENVY those of you who can be full time bloggers! 
My day will come . . .
But until then, I'm busy with life, family and making our home all comfy.
Here's what my lil grandson and I have been up to - Yes, it took us HOURS!  
So worth it!

We spray painted cardboard boxes,
then decorated with self stick foam pieces for the eyes, teeth and claws!
I think we are gonna try some more with cutting out the eyes and teeth and such from black poster board,
then back it with colored tissue paper.
Ours looks good at night (I'll have to take a picture tonight)
but think the other will "glow" more!
Next, we are doing this bat attack!
Yup, I bought a yard of black felt and we will be having a cutting party!
Country Living

And, we are making up potions!

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