Sliding door cover up

Since I'm renting my house, I really didn't want to take down the vertical blinds on my patio door, but I did want to add some texture and pretty them up.
The trick was to be able to mount the new rod far enough away from the wall/blinds so when they are opened, the curtains could still be pulled over them.
NEED to leave room to open and close blinds

I'm not gonna lie - It took me two failed attempts, 8 hours off and on, and some cursing before I finally got them up and looking good!
Be gentle, cuz you can see my patio with some projects on it, not all pretty like in a magazine.

Here's the skinny:
Got the curtains on clearance at Walmart for $5/each, had bought the corbels long ago from Goodwill for $5/set, and the closet rod a long time ago, from Home depot (couldn't have cost much, as I'm a cheapskate!)

I'll share my mistakes AFTER I share what finally worked, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. Whew!

So, what worked:

Painted the bracket the wall color
$4.00 for 4
1. Two "L" brackets for each side. I mounted one on the wall, using anchors to carry the weight.
2. Cut a small piece of scrap lumber to fit on the other bracket (This is to mock the wall for the cornice to attach to) - I then screwed this piece of wood onto this second bracket.
3.  Measured and screwed in a screw onto the wood piece to where I wanted the corbel to be.
4.  Bolted the bracket with the wood piece onto the one already mounted onto the wall, using a locking washer, nut and bolt.
5.  Hung the corbel onto the screw that is on the block (this acts as the wall, being brought out 3 inches).
Make sense?
 I still want to figure out a way to hide the sides - like maybe some cool scroll shelf bracket just to mount on the end ? . . . 

  FAILED ATTEMPTS:  Now, I tried using the two "L"brackets bolted together in a U shape, and then used liquid nails to attach one arm to the corbel, but even after 20+ hours, the liquid nails did not hold to the plastic corbel - 
this might have been great they were made of WOOD.
THIS DID NOT work with the liquid nails (doesn't work good on plastic (it even says so, but hey, I had to try))
NO NO NO - No liquid nails on plastic
I also tried screwing directly INTO the corbels, BUT being that they are plastic, they are hollow inside and were not holding at all. 

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