Racing stripe dresser for my g'son!

I literally found this outside a dumpster at an apartment complex I used to live in a couple years ago.
It's been this yucky green the whole time, and my daughter has been using it as is.
I'm giving it to my 5 yr old grandson
and he wants his new bedroom to be primary colors and race car theme.
Here it is so far . . .
 Deciding to give him the hutch part or keep it to put on a table for another use.

But now his mama wants the frame to be black - 
afraid the white will get too dirty with little boy hands!
we are going to use dollar store Hot Wheel look-a-likes for the handles.
So, hopefully by the end of week I'll finish this.
His Mama just gave me the "green light" to do a 
While you were out
on his room next month when they are on vacation!!
I will be chronicling the whole thing, and so excited!
Now off to making a plan - Pinterest here I come!!  
Have a great day and hug someone today!!
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