Shabby to No End upgraded

Sometimes something great can be even better!

Remember this little favorite?
This is an all time favorite - but now time for some frills
Well, I decided to add some more character to it. . .

Way Before:
Ugh! 1999's is calling!

I'm totally loving The Graphics Fairy's Vintage images and typography.

I transferred on using charcoal, then used sharpie pens in ultra fine and fine.
(I started hand painting with paint and a tiny brush,
but honestly, it was very time consuming, difficult,
and I got a better look from the sharpies.
(In the past, I have used paint pens too)
I am REALLY liking it!!
 This version was good . . . 
BEFORE Typography

This coat hook had been my inspiration for the shabby look
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Grand Opening!

I have finally opened an Etsy shop!

Watch for many more items to be added daily!

Very excited to follow my dream and share my passion!


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Organizing Tidbits

Organizing Tidbit

I often forget to post and blog about everyday conquests I make.

With my home feeling more like Grand Central Station,
I have to do as much as possible to keep life organized, cheap, and easy!

Here are a few things I've done to organize:
I used sticky back velcro for the chip clips,
and for heavier bags, I'm going to use those black binder clips that you get at office supply stores, and cup hooks on the inside of the door!

Under sink and trash 

Keep a car air freshener in your kitchen trash

wrapping paper or shelf paper to pretty up plastic storage bins
Working with what you have 
Wine rack as towel holder
Tiny bathroom organized

Baskets for papers, potatoes, etc.

Lots of storage in my laundry closet
Laundry room organized

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