Summer lovin!

Summer is in full bloom and our house has been full of fun, love and plenty of sunshine!!
I have started a few projects, but with having family around for the past 
few weeks, which I LOVE, 
has made me have to make priorities of my time.

Just a little inspiration
I WISH this was at my house!!
There is so so many things I want to accomplish and tackle this summer,
but sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.
So we make choices and fill our time with what is important to us.
My loved ones!

Home made flubber
 We made homemade flubber, and it is awwwesome, (even came out of their clothes when they made "necklaces" out of it!
Elmers glue - (tried $1 store brand, didn't work)
can use Elmer's glitter glue too!!
Water, Borax and food coloring.
I used a tiny frosting cup from our cinnamon rolls as my measurement tool.
Mix equal parts glue with water in a bowl.
Add a few drops of food coloring.
Stir until completely mixed.
separately dissolve 1 tsp of Borax into 1/2 cup warm water,
stir until completely dissolved.
Pour Borax mixture into glue mixture and stir,
Instantly it will start clumping,
THIS is your flubber.
(There will be water left in the bowl.)
We added a few drops of essential lemon oil, cuz the glue and water smelled
yucky at first!

 Here in AZ it has been 108, 109, etc. and yeeees, too HOT to even go outside,
so, what did this G'ma do?
Brought the fun inside! 

What's a little water on the tile anyways!!
Yes, that is a pond piece that "someday" I might actually put in the yard. . . 

I have been working on making a craft room for myself, for the first time in years!
Using what I had, and a trip to $1 store!
More to come on that next week.
Right now it's a guest room.
used shelves I had (mismatched) to put in closet and $1 store bins to store as much as possible
Labels and painting to all match will come last.

Fabric is stored wrapped around comic boards inside my cabinet.
Bathroom shelf brought in and using for sewing supplies
Flower pots from $1 store will be used for markers, pens, paintbrushes, etc.

found this at Goodwill $7, took off front pieces, bought $1 store containers to fit, and will store craft goodies.

These were at $1 store and my daughter uses her for her jewelry.
I will use for household stuff for nails, screws, etc.
and for my sewing stuff I used for safety pins, etc.
The little white ones fit inside that pink container perfect!

This was an old sewing basket my daughter found at Goodwill and my daughter covered it with this adorable fabric for me one Christmas.
I then found one of my old Tupperware containers that fit perfectly as a covered tray on the top lip!

 Oh yeah, does it count that I cut my own hair!?
(I you tube it and give it a try)
That's a project!! 
Just keeping cool,
and it's only hair!!
Cut the hair, trying to stay cool!  
Hope your summer is going great!
Be showing some projects I've stolen a little time doing, next week!
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