Project Gallery Finally

When I think about it,
I've been DIYing almost all my life.
As early as 8, My G'ma was teaching me to sew and cook.
Only until a few years ago did I discover the wonderful world of blogging!
So now I'm trying to keep up with all I do and blog it for you.

Even though I have had my blog up for a bit,
I haven't really been able to dedicate as much time as I wish.
But I'm getting there . . . 
I'm a single mom (g'ma too), back at college full time, own my own home care business
and find alot of joy in DIY-ing and always
my family!
So working on updating my blog to be pleasing and interesting.
I have created and had to learn about blogging by myself.
So yeah, patting myself on the back.
I get so inspired and sometimes envious of so many great blogs and bloggers
out there, but I have to remember to just keep my pace,
Keep my priorities in line and move forward every day!

So here's to my new page where I will list all my projects:

Would REALLY love to have you follow me via Facebook, Pintrrest, Google, email etc.
I really do have a lot to share - just haven't had a lot of self confidence or faith in myself,
but that's changing!
Honored to be a part of this wonderful world of bloggers who are kind, sharing and fun!

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Honest side of DIY-ing! Black is Back!

I don't know about you, but as a newer blogger
and lifetime DIYer I sometimes feel pressured to produce
in numbers rather than quality.

So, I rushed, got them painted up all nice and pretty, but they just didn't have that umphf!

Here are the stands before:
Nighty Nightstand
So time to follow my heart!

I realized I was holding back on my creative talent.
Meaning, I wasn't trusting my myself that my ideas would be "good enough".
I think it stems from being a people pleaser (not always a good thing).
I decided I was going to go back to being confident, follow my heart.

I started by sanding, and rolled on 3 coats of paint - sanding lightly between each one.

I Researched some vintage French images/typography - found some I loved.
Then, using 2 free online programs, Picmonkey.com & Blockposters.com I
mirrored the ones with lettering with Picmonkey, and printed the Eiffel tower with Blockposter.com to have it print on 2 pieces of freezer paper, cut to 8 1/2" x 11" - on my inkjet printer.
I had to cut and tape it together.
 I used a wooden spoon at first to burnish, then went to a credit card, it worked better.
 Look how clean and awesome they turned out!

 Here is the tower printed out mirror image, cut and taped together on freezer paper.  Coated side went face down in my printer to that it the side print was on.
Be careful and do one page at a time.

 Disclosure: This is the FIRST time I have used this transfer method, and I'm sold!!  
This was the exact look I wanted. No blurring and pretty crisp!
I then sprayed on clear acrylic and let it dry overnight.

Now I wanted to add some antiquing, but not real shabby, but more refined.
I tried dry brushing white over the edges, but it was too contrasting for this piece.
So, I got some metallic acrylic paint, added a dab of transparent glaze and used a small craft
paint brush to hand paint the edged of the raised molding on the piece.

 If I felt like there was too much silver, I would dry brush black over it until  got the effect I wanted.
Subtle and sleek.
 When the light hits it at different angles, it glitters just along the edges,
totally cool!!

Glass knobs are on order from Amazon (10/$10.93)
Should be here Wed! 
So excited!!

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Hallway Mural Painting

To enhance an already gorgeous painting alone on a long expanse of hallway wall - 


This client was in a wheelchair, and had a long hallway to her room,
so there couldn't be anything much sticking out and her house 
was very Southern Plantation decor, so this was the solution.
The painting was one of her favorites,
and the wall became part of the painting.

What do you think?

Just think of the things you could do with all kinds of paintings and those pesky walls that are hard to decorate!
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