Project Gallery Finally

When I think about it,
I've been DIYing almost all my life.
As early as 8, My G'ma was teaching me to sew and cook.
Only until a few years ago did I discover the wonderful world of blogging!
So now I'm trying to keep up with all I do and blog it for you.

Even though I have had my blog up for a bit,
I haven't really been able to dedicate as much time as I wish.
But I'm getting there . . . 
I'm a single mom (g'ma too), back at college full time, own my own home care business
and find alot of joy in DIY-ing and always
my family!
So working on updating my blog to be pleasing and interesting.
I have created and had to learn about blogging by myself.
So yeah, patting myself on the back.
I get so inspired and sometimes envious of so many great blogs and bloggers
out there, but I have to remember to just keep my pace,
Keep my priorities in line and move forward every day!

So here's to my new page where I will list all my projects:

Would REALLY love to have you follow me via Facebook, Pintrrest, Google, email etc.
I really do have a lot to share - just haven't had a lot of self confidence or faith in myself,
but that's changing!
Honored to be a part of this wonderful world of bloggers who are kind, sharing and fun!

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  1. You are one busy person! It's cool that you are back to college full time and following your dreams. Your projects look amazing!

  2. Awe, Thank you! I appreciate your comment! Hugs & Smiles


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