$25 Guest Bathroom makeover

I kept busy over Labor Day weekend.
First on my list was our guest bathroom which is a hideous greenish brown color!
BEFORE - When we moved it!! 
It is the bathroom my 19 year old daughter uses, 
and she requested a soft gray so she can accent with a teal, purple or whatever excites her.
As my usual frugal self, I went to my ooopps paints, found a blue gray
 (NOT what daughter wanted, very specific of that)
The only things I purchased for this bathroom was the shower curtain for
 $7 and the set of charcoal gray rugs for $9.00,
 I was pretty stoked.
This had the perfect colors for inspiration.

 After mixing in some black, brown and white, I got the perfect color.

Little asian stools used to put your towel while shower across from toliet $5 each from Goodwill

See the pretty rugs?!

 So for about $25, using the paint I had this bathroom looks completely refreshing and elegant.  
Now for more accessories!
 I am leasing, otherwise I would be changing that vanity and mirror !!

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  1. turned out beautiful!! Love how the shower curtain pulls the colors together

  2. Love the colour! In Australia, it's almost impossible to be allowed to paint walls, or anything else. The only thing we can do is change the curtains, but keep the originals so that the house is returned exactly as it was when we moved in. I'd love to see the whole bathroom. Are you allowed to paint to mirror & the vanity? Maybe instead of changing the mirror, you could add some attractive beading around it ... either inside or outside of the mirror frame ... & then you could paint both the mirror & the vanity the same colour ... whatever you chose ... Mind you, I realise it's probably boring, but I'd love to see them white ... as that would look so fresh & clean against the wall colour ... & the background of your shower curtain is also white. You could even paint the knobs on the vanity to math the wall colour ... or spray them with a metallic paint. Just a thought. Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Great ideas Wendy, and honestly, I have considered to put molding around the mirror, like you say! I'll see if I sign another years lease and go for it! Thank you for your comment, and suggestions, great ideas!! Hugs, Theresa


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