Change of Hue

Yup, I'm at it again!
CHANGING something in my house!
This was what it looked like when I moved in - very light sucking
If you remember, I had changed my living room and dining room accent wall from poop brown to a beachy blue and had to do it a couple times to get just the right blue.
I've liked it for a while

Well, I've been falling in love!
Yes, I know, can you believe it?!
With grays!

I am past all the browns and beige, no offense
but grays seem to go more with my blues and beach feel I want to create.

Can you see the very slight difference? The new shade is right up the middle 
Close up of a corner - the left is new shade, right is old shade

So, I took my previous left over ooops paint that I had created,
added a little white and black and came up with a little different hue of my previous blue.

THIS is the new shade - still blue, when depending on the lighting - has a more gray hue.
I love it!!
It has just a smidgen difference in the hue which is now more of a neutral, subdued blue 
and when bright light is on it, it's still blue.

It's pretty cool how just tweaking a color just a bit can give you a different feel.

(Wait till you see what I did to the guest bathroom)
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  1. It's a much softer look, without being a definite blue ... so you'll have a wider variety of accent colours to choose from now, than when it was blue. I think this is the joy of grey ... :)


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