Marbling made Easy!

One of my friends has this gorgeous unique sculpture.

The display stand is basically some sort of pipe and was never finished.

 So, that's where I come in:

She has this beautiful marble and tile work in her entry that I decided use the white marble to coordinate with.

We wanted something pretty but not to take away from the sculpture itself.
So I decided to marble it, but to keep it as subtle as possible.


I used 3 colors of paint.

Brushed each color on in a diagonal direction randomly around the stand.

I did white first, then a tan, then the gray until the stand was completely covered.

All 3 colors are on and is covered
Now you want to blur, blend or soften the lines where each different color meets.

I used a couple different methods, I started with a wet sea sponge, and pounced the line edges. 
This worked great, but took long.

I then took a cheap short bristled brush, wet it slightly, and pounced it over the line edges.
This went faster and I liked it.
Now if you were doing a wall, a rag, sponge or brush used to soften and blend the edges of the different colors will work great - my surface on this stand is textured, like a popcorn ceiling of sort.
A rough texture 
I played with the colors, 
added more of one here, 
softened a little there,
Just whatever I felt needed adjustment.
You really can't mess this up!! 

 Finally, I got it the way I liked it!
Now time for some special effects:
I added a few splatters of my darkest color using a wet toothbrush and running my thumb across the bristles.
I used the actual marble in her foyer as my model for the veining.

To make the veins, I used a very thin artist's paint brush.
rolled it into the whte & grey paint, not really letting it mix, just having both colors on it. 
HERE's the tricky part:
Roll and turn the brush, 
shaking it like a tremor, 
as you drag it down along the surface.

You want your veins to be jagged, some fat, some skinny, joining at places, just random.
If you mess up, cover it up with paint and do it again.
Honest, you can't really mess up.
Nature makes the marble very random.

Then I took a step back, added a few pounces of a particular color where I felt it was missing, took my dry brush and lightly brushed over to make sure all my edges were blurred,

I think it looks a little better now, don't you?

 BEFORE                                                         DURING                                        More During


I had a house where I did this to my moldings in a bathroom, to match the marble around a tub.
Very economical way of bringing in some glamour.

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  1. I just wanted to tell you how brilliant I think this is! Your friend must be so thrilled with what you've achieved. & thank you so much for the tutorial ... & ... as I have tremors naturally ... this is one project that it will actually come in handy! :) Thanks again ... Loving your blog ... Cheers, Wendy


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