Painted Lady

Had this hand made side table that is solid wood, but it is old and worn.
I wanted an antiqued, colored look and wanted to try several layers of paint, wash and distressing.
I think it turned out pretty nice

This is what I started with - yes, I know, it's oak, and I'm PAINTING it - sorry men!  lol

So I just was going for it, no particular plan, other than wanting to layer and get a dimensional look
First coat was to make a small batch of home made chalk paint with some oops paint I had.
(I did lightly sand first only to remove any shiny left over varnish, nothing major)
(don't ask what the hole in the middle is for, a family member hand crafted this and I think it was ideally for a lamp cord ?...)

First coat of chalk paint done

Just thought these "claw feet" were interesting - I've had this table for a year now, and never noticed the details - kinda freaked me out - literally a "claw, see the nail too?
onward I pressed . . . 

I  decided to try a dry brush layer with some opps white - then used a paper towel while still damp to blend and soften the brush strokes.

I continued this over the entire table and legs

This is what it looked like after the white dry brushed/wiped/blended

 I then started to play with different distressing ideas:
(most of my paint colors are all opps paints)

I mixed up a clear glaze with a brown paint and brushed and wiped off.
Then, did a light coat with a blackish tinted glaze I made up.
I use a small container, and a ratio of 3 parts glaze to 1 part paint.
I wipe and spread to desired intensity.

 Ignore my flip flop - I was being spontaneous!  :)

I forgot to take photos at each layer, but honestly, I was just trying to create some dimension and aging, so I don't think there really is a right or wrong.

I applied a coat of wax, buffed, and am going to work on the coffee table to match . . .
Maybe I'll add an image from Graphics fairy . . . For now, I think it looks pretty nice.

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$6 Entry Privacy


Yes, I thought of this by my own self!!

(sorry, photos are kind of lame)

Yes, you read that correctly,
I used some felt cut out table place mats I found at Target awhile back 
to give some privacy and style to this sidelight.

They were on clearance and only 3.
So I cut them to fit, making the cuts creative to look like a design.
I do still have some long strips left, that I may just put down the center of the lower window.

I simply cut tiny pieces of self stick velcro (the rough male side) and strategically stuck them behind a larger part of the placemat,
and viola'!
The felt sticks right to it, and it's removable and repositionable!

Here are some more ways to use Placemats

Arm protectors for a couch, Faux window blind;
Sew some together to create a table runner, a carpet runner, a hanging tapestry, a pillow, a scissor caddy, a rice bag, 
Oh the things we can do!!

Even more! 

A Cultivated Nest
Repurpose old placemats. They are a great resource for the budget decorator. You'll be amazed at the cute things you can make with placemats!

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Creating a Wardrobe Capsule

I've been sick for 2 weeks and have finals this week,
So, I'm still working on the closet!!
But I want to keep it real . . .
If I can conquor my shortcomings,
(Yeah, I have a few - hundred!)

Doesn't look like much to the untrained eye (Ha)
But seriously . . .

Uh Yeah!

I don't know about you, but I have this REALLY bad habit of starting to organize one part of the house
and it spills out all over!!

As I was cleaning out my closet, I also was organinzing my bedroom, which meant also my craft supplies (which I have to store in bedroom for now)
So, you will notice a very tall set of drawers on the far left of my closet!
Yup, those are my craft supplies - for now.

I move things around a few times a day to see how it feels. . .

So, I'll keep at it!

3 bags of clothing has already been donated!

How I finally dealt with my cluttered closet!
We all know what clutter does to our soul.
It's a nagging, and gloomy cloud to hoovers constantly.
I have said for years, I'll go through my clothes, and every so often I do.
But never really making a huge change.
Well, after reading these blogs:
I got completely on board and inspired!!!
I went online and searched for more help, and found great help.
Here are my before shots:

Sorting EVERYTHING that was in that closet!!!

I don't have it all done yet, but hopefully this next day or so, and I will be so excited to show you all.
Discard pile

Look, empty space!!

Please realize that for me, clutter in my life is an emotional symptom.
I know when my life or areas of it are in chaos, so is my home.
I had to set all projects aside, fun stuff, and even homework and took to the task over a weekend of being sick and taking breaks to finally get this accomplilshed. 
IT is a big deal for me and already I feel uplifted, relieved, and a ton off my shoulders!
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Media Center

Here it is!!
Easy to do and I show you step by step!

This dilapidated dresser has sat around my house, patio and garage for over a year.
Sorry for the poor photos, not sure what happened - they were taken a while ago with different camera. 

I FINALLY was ready to trash it as the drawers were in really bad shape, it's not well made, other than the frame, and my family said it was embarrassing!
Well, I don't have money to go and just buy what I really want . . . 
I decided to slap a coat of home made chalk paint on it!

It started looking SO pretty, that I decided it was worth it to fix the drawers that were fixable,
and use materials I already had to made shelves, and keep it.

My goal was that I was NOT going to have to spend any more money on it!

So with a little bit of TLC look how cute it is!!!

It's amazing how color can completely change the feel and look of something.

This piece felt gaudy, over-sized and just plain ugly
Now it is like a swan!!

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Garage update!

No, I haven't forgotten about my disaster of a garage!!
What was supposed to be a weekend, turned into a month,

Remember what I started with . . .

My Garage Before

But no bother - I am off to a great start!!

Here's some of my updates:
May not look like much, but it's great to me!!

First job was to de-clutter!
Then, get shelves organized by category and everything off the floor!

Then decided where to have pegboard.

I was able to buy one 8' x 4' board and had Home Depot cut it to my measurements, using no waste, and for $18!!!

Then I installed it all by my lonesome!
Yay Me!!
Charles Schultz

Freezer wall 1st After!

Looks pretty good for this ole' girl, dont'cha think???

 ( I used some 1x2 scrap pieces along the perimeter that I screwed the pegboard to, so that there is spaced BEHIND the board to put hooks into)
 I want to paint this board PINK (household/My Project supplies/tools & will label it later too)

I have started with the pegboard along the work bench wall - 

And this is the work in progress . . . 

It FEELS GREAT to get things in one central area and organized -
Can't wait to have it all done!!

Plus, it's gonna have some "pretty" touches - Oh Yeah, pretty colored pegboards, maybe some curtains over the shelves . . . That's one of the cool things about being an independent woman - 
It's my GIRL CAVE!!!  
Have fun all - See ya soon!!

Hugs & Smiles,

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Keepsake Pillow

A pillow made from a loved one's article of clothing, that has passed.
What s beautiful momento.

(Google Image)

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Mason jars Galore

What a pretty display of caning jars at my local grocery store!
Just had to share!
Something about colored glass makes me smile!

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Nightmare in Garage!!

Update: 2-17-15
Life got crazier, haven't had a chance to get back in there, soon! 
Will keep you posted! 

After being inspired from Pinterest for garage storage, 
I decided it's TIME for me to DO IT!!

Yeah, I know, it's a disaster!!
Can't believe I'm posting this for all the world to see!

But starting off right for the year,
 I knew I needed to get this garage under control!

For months, my son had his truck parked in here.
That took up the entire right side!

  So as soon as I got the space back I started purging the house and dumping it all in the garage.

(Isn't that what a garage is for? To store our "stuff")

Good thing I don't have a husband . . . wait! 
Could this be WHY I don't?  

Anyways . . . 
By the way, 
I have about 10 pcs. of furniture on my back patio that need to come in here! 

You can see, I had SOME organization in place, but need to make room for a workshop, a car, projects, & massive storage.

One of the issues I have to face here, living in AZ. is that I can not store my paints, glues, or anything that extreme heat can alter or damage, 
during summer in garage.

I have most of that stuff in my laundry closet (dang!)

So, I spent several hours in and out,
moving shelves around, 
purging, (you'd be proud of me, Peter Walsh!)
 planning, etc yesterday.

Finally I had to call it a night, and do homework.

Here's the garage this morning . . . 

I know it doesn't look like much, but I'm happy with the progress. . . 
I will go step by step as to what I did in the end . . .

Today, after Chemistry, I am buying some pegboard, hooks, and lumber.
My goal is to not spend more than $50 and be done by Friday.
I am leasing the house, so I want to be able to take whatever I build, or be willing to leave it for next renter. 

Day 2 coming . . . 

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