Nightmare in Garage!!

Update: 2-17-15
Life got crazier, haven't had a chance to get back in there, soon! 
Will keep you posted! 

After being inspired from Pinterest for garage storage, 
I decided it's TIME for me to DO IT!!

Yeah, I know, it's a disaster!!
Can't believe I'm posting this for all the world to see!

But starting off right for the year,
 I knew I needed to get this garage under control!

For months, my son had his truck parked in here.
That took up the entire right side!

  So as soon as I got the space back I started purging the house and dumping it all in the garage.

(Isn't that what a garage is for? To store our "stuff")

Good thing I don't have a husband . . . wait! 
Could this be WHY I don't?  

Anyways . . . 
By the way, 
I have about 10 pcs. of furniture on my back patio that need to come in here! 

You can see, I had SOME organization in place, but need to make room for a workshop, a car, projects, & massive storage.

One of the issues I have to face here, living in AZ. is that I can not store my paints, glues, or anything that extreme heat can alter or damage, 
during summer in garage.

I have most of that stuff in my laundry closet (dang!)

So, I spent several hours in and out,
moving shelves around, 
purging, (you'd be proud of me, Peter Walsh!)
 planning, etc yesterday.

Finally I had to call it a night, and do homework.

Here's the garage this morning . . . 

I know it doesn't look like much, but I'm happy with the progress. . . 
I will go step by step as to what I did in the end . . .

Today, after Chemistry, I am buying some pegboard, hooks, and lumber.
My goal is to not spend more than $50 and be done by Friday.
I am leasing the house, so I want to be able to take whatever I build, or be willing to leave it for next renter. 

Day 2 coming . . . 

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